News: DMN Gosselin: 'I'm more optimistic about the Lions right now than the Cowboys

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    11:10 PM CDT on Thursday, September 23, 2010


    Dallas Morning News writer Rick Gosselin was interviewed on KTCK-FM radio on Thursday to discuss the Cowboys and the issues they’re facing as they prepare for the Houston Texans. Here are some highlights:

    Out of the entire NFL, which team would you pick as the most disappointing?
    Cowboys. I picked the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl. And for them to start out 0-2 and going to Houston, I mean, you’re probably looking at 0-3. You know, I thought the schedule was so tough that 11-5 would have been a great season. The Cowboys, however, could not give away the W’s and they have already given away two of the W’s that people have penciled in. It’s going to be very, very tough. I think the best they can possibly do right now is 10-6 and I don’t know if that’s good enough.

    If you had to pick the biggest reason the Cowboys are struggling right now, what would it be?
    I watched this team beat up on New Orleans back in December and this is roughly the same team. There’s talent on this team. There’s talent on this team to win the division and contend for Super Bowls in January. I think coaching is a big part of the problem right now…across the board. I think they got out-coached the first week and I think they’re going to be out-coached on a regular basis. This is a talented football that’s not playing up to par.

    More Goose blurbs: http://www.**************/sharedcon...s/092410dnspogosselininterview.123037cac.html

    To listen to the interview, click here.
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    I think this sums things up nicely.
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    Yea I agree. They have the talent but the coaching is sub-par. But we all knew that after these first two games so that's just stating the obvious.
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    There's a quote I refer to from 3 years ago:

    "The Cowboys are a talented team, but they've got a quarterbacks coach for an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator for a head coach."

    It spoke volumes to me then, and does so with each passing loss.
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    nail on the head.

    he is right about the GM/Owner also.

    I fear that Dallas will never be elite until Jones sets his ego aside and hires an upper echelon coach.
  6. Idgit

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    A defensive coordinator with more wins than all but one active head coach.

    That's a quote that sounds really good, but doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Wade's got work to do to become the kind of HC who can win a Superbowl, but he's got a lot going for him. It's hard enough to win in this league, I don't see how anyone can discredit what he's actually accomplished just because he's got an underwhelming public demeanor.

    If you ever needed proof that he's HC material, look at how the team has rallied around him during this very disappointing start to the season.
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    Yes, but Wade was a HC before and had a good record in Buffalo, and has been by far and away the best HC the Bills have had since he's left, which was over 10 years ago.

    I don't like Garrett, but typically O-Coordinators come from the QB coach position. Payton was a QB coach before becoming an O-Coordinator. So was Mike Holmgren. And many others....they have to start somewhere.

    I think coaching is the problem. Wade has more 'rope' with me because he has improved the defense quite a bit since taking over and he's been pretty good at getting the defense to turn around after a rough game. There's other things I'd like to see, but overall I'm happy with what he'd done to the Dallas defense.

    Garrett is downright awful and hearing him talk to the media and discuss his philosophies is downright alarming. If I was Jerry I'd try to gauge if Garrett really feels that way and if he does, I'd start to look to fire Garrett and get Sherman to call the plays if I thought it was plausible.

  8. The Realist

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    Agree with you on Garrett. Dude is an egomaniac.

    He needs to be told what to do. I'm ok with him calling plays but only if someone like Cowher is on the headset telling him run/pass or what type of play they want to see. Do that for a year or two and then turn him lose on his own.
  9. Smith22

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    While the coaching staff may be an issue, the coaching staff didn't give up 3 turnovers (ok, maybe 1/2 of one) and create zero. Players have to make plays and not penalties.
  10. stasheroo

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    And one playoff win in his entire career as a head coach.

    How much time does Wade continue to get to hopefully reach that level? The window for a championship opens and closes very quickly. Players' careers aren't as long as they or we would hope.

    How many years of Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, or many others in their primes do we have? And how many of those do we want to watch go by before we make a change?

    This is a very talented roster, but unfortunately for them and for Jerry Jones who put this staff together, they're not getting the quality of coaching that they need to fulfill their promise.

    Sorry, but I don't see that at all. When players are openly questioning their preparedness and a casual approach to practice, I don't see the 'rallying'.

    When Newman questions practice and Sensabaugh talks about plays coming in late - from the head coach.

    Players only meetings don't strike me as rallying around the coaches either.
  11. ThreeSportStar80

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    Ray Sherman is the best coach on this team...
  12. Bigdog24

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    So who is the Head Coach.......Oh my bad.....its the guy dancing on PAPA JOHNS commercials ..... what his name....
  13. Idgit

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    You sort of have to look at the teams he was running if you're going to hold it against him for not winning in the playoffs. Taking over as interim HC is about the toughest coaching move in the league. Not sure how fair it is to then blame the guy for not winning games many coaches might not have gotten to. Even in 2007, say what you want, but he was knocked out by the eventual Superbowl champion who took out the first undefeated team in 35 or so years to get there.

    I don't know how talented the roster really is, frankly. We've got the QB and the WRs and TEs. We've got the NT and the OLBs and some decent CBs. A good punter. Beyond that, it's a pretty typical squad with a notable deficiency at S and at most of the OL positions. I really like this roster, but I don't know that it's a lot better than it's performance the last three years has indicated.

    You might not see it, but many of the players have been asked about coaching specifically this week as the knives are getting sharpened. Romo addressed it specifically early in the week, saying it was execution and not coaching. Spears was asked about it in the video up on, and said the same thing.

    I don't think you're interpreting the player commentary properly if you think they're dumping on their HC.

    And players'-only meetings are the opposite of blaming coaches. They're attempts to handle problems with the players on the field when the issue is how the players are playing rather than the scheme or the coaching.

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