News: DMN: Gosselin says Bryant needs to learn routes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by supercowboy8, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Rick Gosselin: Until Dez Bryant learns how to run routes, this will be predictable offense. Hand it to Murray, throw short crossing routes to Jason Witten and work the intermediate areas with Miles Austin. Bryant is the wild card. He can make plays short, medium and long. But until he develops some discipline in his route running, Romo isn't going to trust him. Bryant also better figure out how to beat press coverage by a defensive back. Nnamdi Asomugha schooled Bryant last night. When Bryant doesn't have his way with defensive backs, he gets frustrated. Asomugha was so deep into Bryant's head last night he became a non-factor.

    Read More: http://www.**************/sports/da...ble-until-dez-bryant-learns-to-run-routes.ece
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    I respect the opinion. There is some things that I do believe Dez needs to work on and get better. But lets not act like that isn't the case with pretty much every single player in the league.

    For example whats his excuse for Miles Sunday night? Does he need to get better against the press? Does he need to learn the routes better? Was Nnamdi in his head as well? Cause last I checked he was just as invisible as Dez.

    And, yes, before the Miles crowd comes in here to kill me I realise that a big part of the problem was the O-Line but that part of the problem also directly effects Dez and not just Miles.
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    yeah ok Bryant can't run routes, next
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    Why do we always gloss over Dez's inabilty to run routes?

    It's a serious concern. He's 1.5 years into his pro career and can only run three routes.

    It's not a minor problem. If we're gonna rely on the guy, he has to improve at some point.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is a talented person that relies only on their talent. You gotta work hard to get better, whether you're Michael Jordan or Jesse Holley
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    Its a HUGE problem with him, someone with his talent should destroy DBs but he just cant, so far its all promise.
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    It's not college anymore -- you can't just 'out-physical' NFL DBs consistently. Route running consistently is part of the deal.

    The puzzling part is the Packers WRs are like synchronized swimmers out there together with all of their orchestrated precision route running. I believe Jimmy Robinson had a lot to do with it. I am crossing my fingers that his teaching eventually reaches Dez in this regard.
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    Who wouldn't get frustrated when the refs miss totally blatant pass interference calls two feet in front of them?

    Between that and the 'backward pass', the refs from that game should be looking at some serious repremanding this week.
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    I adamantly disagree that the predictability of the offense hinges on the media's opinions of Dez Bryant's route-running.
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    I second that Bullcrap
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    So Romo just refuses to throw the ball to the best playmaker on the offense when he's wide open? :confused:
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    Umm OK... This is old news. Miles Austin can go deep on routes, not sure what he's talking about. Robinson has good speed as well, the more serious problem is the offensive line and how HORRIBLE IT IS!

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    It doesn't "hinge" on Dez's route-running, however, it would be ignorant to say it doesn't have an effect.

    Jerry Jones doesn't typically single out guys for criticism when he specifically mentioned Dez's route routing:

    “Dez needs to concentrate,” Jones said. “Not being critical of him, but he needs to continue to concentrate on his route running because there’s a reason for harping on running correct routes, even though you’re a great receiver. And that is it gets you open.”
    I believe there is some truth to the idea that Romo isn't looking Dez's way because Dez can't be trusted to run the complete route-tree.
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    There was not time enough for intermediate routes and even then those were being taken away. They gave us the underneath and the running game. Had we been able to stop Philly from scoring we could have run the ball until they addressed it and that would have opened up the passing game.

    I'm not saying Dez doesn't need to work on his routes. He does. But that wasn't the major problem Sun nite.

    Put this one on the holes in our defense, the DC and the HC.
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    The Garrett Offense has randomly gone away from players since he has been here.

    The only time he likes to force it to Dez is in the Redzone so Dez will bail him out of his miserable redzone playcalling.
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    He listens to the media...

    the media says run it more (after the lions game), we run it straight at the patriots 3 times in the 4th quarter.

    He doesn't go to Dez in the endzone in the Patriots game (we go to dez non stop in the Rams and Eagles game).

    Can the media tell him to start calling some slants and some quick outs?
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    That was funny.
  19. Sam I Am

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    Actually, Bryant needs to learn the game of football. To him, it seems it all about running around and catching the ball.
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    I see what you did there. :)


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