News: DMN: Gosselin: Tony Romo will probably play at an elite level for two more years

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    Columnist Rick Gosselin held a chat on Monday. Here are highlights from the chat.

    Question: Do you think the Cowboys should just go all in next off-season and take advantage of Romo and Ware while the still can. I mean max out there cap and put them in cap hell for a few years down the road and trade picks for players? I mean how good are those picks going to be, based on the past, anyway?

    Gosselin: The window is probably two more years with Romo at an elite level. The clock is ticking. Ware already is starting to break down health-wise. There ought to be a sense of urgency. But years of bad drafting have heightened that sense of urgency.

    Question: Do you think that Jerry's infections optimism has a hand in the Cowboys thinking they're better than they are? Someone needs to remind them that until they string a few wins together, they haven't done anything. Normal GM's are pretty good at doing that (along with the head coach). But as we all know, the way of doing (and saying) things here are more than a bit different.

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    Romo better play at an elite level Sunday against the Broncos.:cool:
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    What then, Johnny football?

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