News: DMN: Gronkowski brothers share Thanksgiving Day spotlight

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    Gerry Fraley

    Thanksgiving always brought a rare day of peace and quiet to the Gronkowski household.

    The five boys would put down their football cleats, baseball gloves, hockey sticks and weight-lifting gear. They would stop brawling, wrestling, punching, fighting and otherwise scrapping with each other.

    They did all in the name of family ... and catching the televised NFL games that have become a staple of the holiday: one involving Detroit; one involving the Cowboys.

    "We watched those games every single Thanksgiving and thought about what it would be like to be out there with everybody in the world watching," said Chris Gronkowski, Bro 3 in family terminology. "Now, it's our chance."

    Today's holiday will be a moveable feast for the Gronkowskis of Williamsville, N.Y.

    Bro 2, Dan, will be in Denver, camped in front of the television after a morning practice with the Broncos. Dan Gronkowsk, the hardest worker, according to his brothers, is a second-year blocking tight end. His father, Gordy, will be with him, watching the games.

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