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    Having all off-season to transition to RT is 'definitely going to be a positive'
    ByJon Machota / Special Contributor


    3:27 PM on Wed., May. 9, 2012 | Permalink
    GRAPEVINE, Texas -- The Cowboys offensive line has made more changes than any other group on the team.

    The transition has included signing free agent guards Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau and moving Doug Free to right tackle and Tyron Smith to left tackle.

    When asked about the changes on Wednesday, Free noted that a full off-season, unlike last year because of the NFL lockout, is making the adjustment much smoother.

    "It's nice doing it in the offseason," Free said at the team's annual golf outing at Cowboys Golf Club. "Everybody's got a chance to figure it out, go through training camp, compared to doing during the season, which was last year, we had a lot of rotation with guys. Getting the line set early and getting training camp under our belt with everybody together should help quite a bit."

    Free added that he didn't know Bernadeau or Livings prior to their signing with the Cowboys but said from what he has witnessed so far, the two newcomers are hard workers that fit well with the group of linemen that were already on the roster.

    "They'll be a great fit," he said....
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    just kidding btw - :muttley:
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    Free better light it up this year on the right side. He looked absolutely foolish last year.

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