News: DMN: Here's what went wrong in messy divorce between Ratliff, Cowboys

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    No one at Valley Ranch will say this out loud as the team prepares to face a former teammate in Chicago on Monday night. Those who watched this undersized beast dominate in his day, those who know him best, prefer to remember the good times.

    But ask yourself this. Does a warrior allow issues with owner Jerry Jones and the team’s training staff to override a commitment to his teammates? Does a fierce competitor elevate misplaced pride ahead of a defensive line desperate for his return?

    In the wake of Ratliff’s divorce from the Cowboys more than seven weeks ago, Sean Lee said if a player doesn’t want to be in Dallas he should move on. The linebacker spoke of a nucleus of players who work hard, care about each other and focus on winning together.

    Others have been more politic in their response. Many genuinely like Ratliff. That doesn’t mean they disagree with Lee’s statement.

    Support for what Lee said among key players is strong, but largely silent. Jason Hatcher’s response is more typical when players are asked what went wrong between the two sides.

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    I'm so glad I never bought a Rat jersey.
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    This article doesn't tell what went wrong, only that something went wrong. Reading this article was a waste of time. We all know all the stuff in this article. Nothing new or interesting in that article.

    The key information is what Rat's doctors were telling the team. What the team doctors thought and what information did they have to base their decision on. What Rat told the team about his condition. Those are the keys. And all that is privledged medical information unless there is a lawsuit. And I hope Jerry sues to get money back and we fans learn the details.
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    There is simply no excuse for what Ratliff did. The man has no pride or honor at all.

    But the whole situation is yet one more example of where Jerry hurts the Cowboys by sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. This was a situation for coaches and trainers to handle.
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    What? He's the boss. I don't know where you work, but when my boss talks me, regardless of what I think, I show him respect.

    He should have cut Ratliff that day.
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    Really didn't advance the topic at all.

    I'd say non lawsuit.

    The way Jones keeps wording his comments about wishing he was in Dallas playing says it all.

    It's not good relations with the NFLPA to sue.
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    I dang near did. I'm with ya though.
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    Jason Garrett the last one to be talking about team over personal agenda....
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    I have one ratty jersey.

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