News: DMN: How seven fourth quarters shaped the Cowboys' dismal season

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    Gerry Fraley

    IRVING – To find why the Cowboys' season soured, set the way-back machine for opening night at Washington.

    A 13-7 loss set the tone for the Cowboys. The defeat started them on the road to being the NFL's team most likely to be spooked at the finish.

    The Cowboys go into Sunday's rematch with the Redskins at a league-worst 1-7 in games decided by seven points or fewer. Cincinnati and Detroit are next at 1-6. Atlanta leads at 7-1.

    The Cowboys' season can be further narrowed down to seven quarters.

    Starting with the opener, the Cowboys have had seven games this season in which they either led or trailed by seven points or fewer going into the fourth quarter. Make-or-break games.

    They broke the Cowboys. They repeatedly came apart in the fourth quarter and went 1-6 in those games.

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