News: DMN:If Jerry Jones believes in Jason Garrett, he should give him a contract extension

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Exactly. It doesn't affect the cap for Jerry to give Garrett and extension then turn around and fire him.

    To me, this is a nonissue.
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    So very true and so very scary!:eek:
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    The only slight concern would be having to pay the guy after the fact maybe.

    But, get just a single home playoff game the following year with a new coach and that money is covered multiple times over.
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    I don't think that the author actually believes that Jerry is sold on Jason and unlike Murchison is not willing to commit to him unequivocally at this point. It's a bad comparison as others have pointed out, and looks like pure provocation.
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    Yea, I dont agree with giving Garrett an extension either. What exactly has he done to earn an extension, serious question?

    He has been the official HC for 2 seasons and he is 16-16 with no playoff appearances. How exactly does this qualify him for an extension?

    I dont know about you guys, but in my business career, you usually have to earn a promotion or a new contract by being first in sales, you division being the most profitable, taking a new product from R&D to production the fastest, ect......

    In other words, you have to do something to earn your promotion, raise, new contract, new parking space, whatever..........just showing up and "being average (like .500 in sports) usually does not cut it.
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    8-8 this year despite a D absolutely ravaged by injuries is actually not bad. We were one of the top D's in the league before the injuries started coming, and when they did and you're forced to start a bunch of no-names and journeymen-types like Poppinga and Peprah and Moore, it'd be hard for any D to bear up. On O we racked up a lot of yardage despite a garbage OL and non-existent running game. Have to put things in proper perspective.
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    We were also 8-8 last year.

    No way we extend JG now, that's decision would be up there Jerry's decisions like extending Ratliff, Austin, Free, Galloway trade, Roy Williams trade, Q carter...need I go in?

    JG is under contract and this is his opportunity to prove he's deserving of an extension. If he turns it around Jerry will reward him in nicely. If not, we will be looking for a new HC.

    For the record, I really hope he succeeds. I don't want to see the team completely rebuild.
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    Proper perspective would include the lack of points in relation to yards, something that has been a common theme with Garrett. Yards are great but if you aren't scoring, you aren't winning.

    If the defense had been the sole reason for the teams failures for the last couple years, I would likely be on board with an extension.

    But this offense has been just as guilty as the defense over the years and they are likely one of the most inconsistent boom or bust units in the league and they are penalty or turnover prone.

    Garrett could have went hard at a quality OL last year but didn't. After 6 years as OC and two offseasons as the HC, the responsibility for a horrid OL needs to start finding it's way to Jason who when hired was backed by Jerry's comments about nobody being on the roster without Jason's approval.
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    He will

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