News: DMN: Is it Jeff Heath time for Cowboys? And is Dallas getting too confident in CB Anthony

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    SportsDayDFW's "Ballzy" podcast host Barry Horn recently discussed all things Dallas Cowboys with SportsDay's David Moore and special contributor Bob Sturm. Here are some of the highlights.

    The Cowboys' strategy for letting DBs go in free agency

    Barry Horn: Who is going to play in the secondary this year?

    David Moore: Well you're going to have Byron Jones starting at one of the spots. You'll have Anthony Brown at one of the corners. Right now you have Orlando Scandrick. Given from what you saw from him last year coming off a major injury, the level of performance you saw and his age; right now he's kind of a fixture back there but I have some concerns about good he's going to be going forward.


    Is it Jeff Heath time? And is Dallas too confident in Anthony Brown?

    Barry Horn: Let me ask you this question: what about the one guy David didn't mention? Jeff Heath, who seems to be everybody's favorite guy who never plays and everybody wants him to play more. Your thoughts?

    Bob Sturm: Jeff Heath is a pretty good story and I do think it's time to see if he can play that center field. I've got no problem running him out there partly because we're not talking about replacing Darren Woodson here.


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    Blurb on Carroll as well if I remember correctly. I like the Heath move although normally he'd have been gone or trial starting someone season three.
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    I think they over stated what the club feels in Brown. No one is pretending like he is a Pro Bowl.

    From the playing time and assignments he got last year, no reason not to feel confident in him as one of your top 2 CB's.
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    I could be wrong, but I don't see Dallas viewing him as a starter this year. I think Scandrick and Carroll will start and Brown will come in on the nickel when Scandrick moves to the slot.

    Brown's starts last year seemed to be because Dallas was trying to be cautious with Scandrick coming off injury. I'll be surprised if he continues to start ahead of Scandrick. And although Carroll's contract isn't cost-prohibitive for him being a backup, it's not usually the type of money you want to pay to just a backup.
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    The starters are going to be the two best. I sincerely hope that Brown can beat out Carroll. If he cant, then I wont be nearly as confident in his future as I am now. There are worst CB's then Carroll, but he is still a fringe starter at CB
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    Well.....I work with an Eagles fan. (I loved going to work last season.)

    The consensus is, they couldn't wait to rid themselves of Carroll.
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    I agree that the two best will start and didn't mean to indicate otherwise (only that you usually can follow the money to figure out who the team thinks is best), but I think Carroll's experience will give him an edge even if he's just a "fringe" starter. Brown had a very good rookie season for a sixth-round pick, but there were some standout moments where he really blew it in coverage as well, which is to be expected even with first-round rookies.

    Carroll is considered a better corner than a lot of people give him credit for on here. I believe he's in the Carr range as a player, which means he's going to frustrate us at times and get the job done at other times. What hurts Carroll most is he played poorly last year after probably being Philly's best corner in 2015, kind of the opposite of Carr.
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    Funny how a guy who was the Zones punching bag just a couple of years ago is now probably going to be our starting safety. I predict everyone will act like they have always been on board with Heath and never doubted the guy.
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  9. gimmesix

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    Not me. I have strong doubts about him. But if he becomes the starter, I'll hope it's because the flashes he's shown are proof of his development as a player. Otherwise, we essentially will have another Alan Ball situation (if we don't prepare for Heath's possible failure), which I had hoped Dallas had learned from.
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    I see a guy who has improved with a few years' worth of experience. Heath wasn't ready back then and his shortcomings were deserving of criticism. But that doesn't mean things have to stay that way. I saw a guy last season who was the biggest playmaker this team had in its' secondary. I'm looking forward to seeing what he might do if and when he gets his shot.
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    I'm in agreement with Moore in that, based off of the guy I saw last year, I have little faith in Scandrick at this point. I hope that turns around, but that's my position until the player proves otherwise.
  12. LatinMind

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    Scandrick i going to be starting LCB and Caroll most likely starting on the right side. With Scandrick moving inside with Brown coming in to man the left side on nickle and dime downs.
  13. Alexander

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    Heath made some amazing plays in the divisional playoff game. If it weren't for a bad penalty and Rodgers somehow holding onto the football, he would be a legend right now.

    I am still very skeptical of him, but he deserves a chance at that job. Now, don't get me wrong, I would take a top prospect at safety in a heartbeat.
  14. dogunwo

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    Thank you for posting that. Some people stay stuck in their positions and refuse to evolve. Players can get better, just like other players can learn from mistakes.
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    These are the same folks who booed Santa Clause. They are only happy when they're miserable. I take all their complaints with a Liberty Bell sized grain of salt
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    I think that's fair. He clearly wasn't the same as he had been, although I thought his play improved some as the season progressed. However, I don't think we have a lock-down corner on the roster. Maybe Brown can develop into one, but he's certainly not at this point.

    I won't be surprised by whoever ends up as the starter. I just believe that Scandrick and Carroll have the upperhand based on experience. Brown got some valuable experience last year, but he's still in the learning phase.
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    Always has to be a Santa Claus reference...Nolan Carroll just isn't very good in reality. He's fine for depth purposes, but there's just no way he should be a starting CB for any team. There will be a rookie drafted to take any hope of him starting away.
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    Heath maybe deserves a chance to compete for the job, not be handed one as it looks like he is.

    Brown needs to improve a lot. He terrifies me as a starting corner right now. We've talked about it a lot here but his first instinct is to blatantly grab a WR and I'm not sure you can coach that away.
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    Yea I remember how much people railed on Mo and Carr for being ****ty cbs. Now everyone wants to run around like the sky is falling. We still have a solid cb core and will add more in the draft. Mo was never on the field anyways so his loss means nothing. Carol is just as good as Carr and may actually be faster. All we need to do is add some depth at cb through the draft. SS is a bigger issue because Heath is not starter material. We need to bring in a Veteran and find a young guy in the draft as well. Wait until the draft before we start crying about the secondary.
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    Two 30 year old starting corners is asking for trouble.

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