News: DMN: Jason Witten: 'We got to find a way to go back and find a way to get a win'

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    Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was interviewed on KTCK-FM radio on Thursday to discuss his concussion and the issues the team is facing as they prepare for the Houston Texans. Here are some highlights:

    How are you feeling? Have you recovered fully from your concussion?
    I feel really good, so I think most of that was just precautionary. I felt okay; it was just late in the game and there was so much concern there. A lot of it is protocol, but I feel fine. Everything’s good, I’m just disappointed we’re 0-2.

    Are trainers and coaches overly concerned with concussions to that point that they’re over blowing the whole thing or is there legitimate reason for concern?
    I think that, obviously, it’s very important and the awareness we have with it, right now, I think that we’ve seen it with some of the former players and what’s happened. So, I think it’s good to be cautious; having said that, when it’s you and you’re in the heat of battle there, sometimes you probably wished it be looked at differently. But, you understand, those guys are making decisions with your best interests at heart.

    I felt fine. It wasn’t a situation that I felt like I was unconscious or didn’t know where I was at or anything like that. I just took a blow there and that’s just part of playing. You get back up and you go, so I just kind of thought it was one of those deals where I was going to come out for a play, and I’d be right back in there. It wasn’t but again, I have nothing but respect for those guys and what they do. Hopefully, they understand where I was coming from and they do. And so it’s good; you move on from it and a lot more going into that then just my situation. I think coming away from that and being 0-2 is frustrating and disappointing and all those things we can think of and we just got to be able to fight. We got to find a way to go back and find a way to get a win.

    More Witten: http://www.**************/sharedcon.../092410dnspocowwitteninterview.122c8d276.html

    To listen to the interview, click here.

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