News: DMN: Jay Novacek on Dez Bryant: Issues that 'plagued him in the past are gone now'

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    Dez has some if the same traits that Irvin had as a player. The difference is the attitude of Dez's teammates. Leading by example is a good thing , but it has been used as an excuse for no leadership with this current team. I agreed with Sapp when he said that Ware couldn't lead ants to a picnic. The same leadership questions has been asked about Romo and Witten and their way if leading by example. It hasn't worked. I enjoyed Irvin and Aikman's way of leadership. Troy would rip into his line when they didn't block. Irvin led with a passion that few others could match. They wanted 100% effort and demanded it from their teammates. There is not a leader on the current team with that attitude and it shows.
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    Go to sleep.
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    I don't know if I agree entirely. Michael Irvin and Dez are both highly charged guys. But how they do the firing up is different. When Irvin was on sideline firing teammates up...they were listing to every word and looking back to the field as if they couldn't wait to get back out there. When I see Dez yelling on sidelines I see teammates backing up and clearing out almost avoiding him. I am not sure if Dez hasn't earned that respect or maybe Dez isn't as articulate as Michael was. Whatever it is the only people who seem to be benefiting from it is ESPN who replays the clip on a loop from sunday thru mid week.
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    I hope so because Dez is a special talent. I have always thought that. As long as he is a Cowboy I'm pulling for him. Even with all his drama. As for him vs Irvin, Irvin stabbed a teammate so there is no comparison at this point.
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    Take off, hoser. You and the moose you rode in on.;)
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    I don't blame him. Romo and Witten need to go somewhere else. Swan song? Nobody has time for that. Smh
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    He's also a competitor.

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