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    Jerry Jones reacts to 0-2 start: 'It's quite a setback; these losses can be mitigated'

    Todd Archer

    For the first time since 2001, the Cowboys are 0-2. It's only the eighth time in franchise history and only once before have the Cowboys made the playoffs (1993).

    They actually ended up repeating as Super Bowl champion that year after Emmitt Smith ended his contract dispute.

    "It's just something you can't expect," owner and GM Jerry Jones said. "You can't anticipate it and you've got to realize it's quite a setback. Everything in me is about being optimistic. I know at the end of the day these losses if we can have a season that gets us into the playoffs, these losses can be mitigated."

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    This team is in deep dookie..... :bang2:
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    This sad attempt at "coach speak" is beyond ridiculous. References to looking at film and stats are even moreso.

    All of which reinforces the bleakness and reality of where we are.
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    The call for change or for heads to roll will only get louder as these types of performances show up every week.

    My question is simple: Does anyone, and I mean anyone, think a change in coaches, philosophy, players or any of that will have any impact until there is a change at the top?

    To me all this talk of firing Wade/Jason, cutting players or changing philosophies is pointless unless and until Jerry either changes his ways or steps aside.

    I hold out very little hope for the former and there is no way of knowing how long it will be for the latter.

    In sum - until Jerry changes, nothing changes
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    I like the team, the coaches, and the management, so don't look at me.
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    I like the team but it's hard to ignore the fact that Wade is better suited for a DC job.

    I don't think a change in HC, OC or anything would help this year but I can't see how a new system wouldn't help out in the future.

    This team looks to have stagnated under the current regime. Took three years to get over that playoff bump when they inherited a playoff-ready team. After said win, they squatted an embarrassment that they apparently haven't recovered from.

    If things don't turn around quick, it's gonna be hard for Wade and company to keep the ship floating.

    I really think Wade brings a lot to the DC aspect of his job but he isn't a head coach.
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    IMO, starts at the top, so I agree. Twice under Jerry we have had an "appropriate" heirarchy, and both times the organization had success and/or clearly was pointed in the right direction. All other times under Jerry have been punctuated with frustration, because it is always clear what is lacking.

    And that leads to this point...the talent is here. It's the little things - organizational identity (includes offensive and defensive identity - how we play), focus, overall team management - all the things a real HC brings which we lack that always seems to bring us coming up short. This is the signature of under the "Jerry way," which is to say, the way that puts Jerry out front and not the coach.
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    "The execution; the basic stuff. You want to call a turnover a mistake; I'll call it with you there on that. We just weren't able to get up on them, so to speak, or get what you call the momentum or whatever you want. We just never looked downhill at them. They were ahead of us looking uphill all afternoon."

    THIS is our GM. :banghead:
  9. Idgit

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    He's a better DC than HC. But he's a pretty good HC.
    I think our OC would be a better HC than OC, too, and he's probably our weakest link at the coordinator position, but he's still a pretty good coordinator.

    Our team's biggest problems are with motivation and execution. It's something that very definitely needs to be addressed, but I don't think it's something that you have to fire the staff in order to achieve. Cutting Baron would have been a nice statement. Sitting, or even benching starters at key positions for mental mistakes is another possibility. We've got the depth to rotate a Davis or a Bennett or a Choice or a Bryant or a Lee if necessary if we need to drive home the point that mistakes won't be tolerated.

    But at the end of the day, most teams lose back:back games at some point during the season. We've been in both games until the very end, and both teams are middling-to-good teams this year who will surprise some people. We'll end up with a soft spot somewhere in the schedule as the season progresses where some teams end up not looking as strong as they did at first. Already, the Giants and the Eagles look to have taken a step back to me this season.

    The situation's not good. We've got to go into Houston and get a road win against a team that's as talented as we are and that doesn't like us. But as long as Jenkins can play this season, we're not out of it and there's no call for panic. We'll be a factor this year for the playoff hunt, and that's all that really matters at this point.

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