News: DMN: Jerry Jones talks about his philosophy for searching for a head coach

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Jerry Jones talks about his philosophy for searching for a head coach


    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was interviewed on 105.3 The Fan on Friday to discuss his promoting of Jason Garrett and fans' complaints with him as general manager and owner. Here are some highlights:

    For quite a while, you backed Wade Phillips and said you wouldn’t make a change midway through a season. At what point did you change your mind?

    This should be a cumulative thing for me and it is and you weigh a lot of things. As you should know, I carry around, in the back of my mind, the lay of the land, relative to coach and should. And so, to me, it was a looking at where we were going as a team; it was certainly looking at how much season we had left. I’m well aware that coaching changes in mid-stream in the NFL do not have a successful track record. On the other hand, Jason [Garrett] does have, he has had, some unique qualities. He won’t come in here with the honeymoon that I might have envisioned at some time in his career, but certainly, he’ll come in here with a different approach. We’ve got eight games left; I think our team…we have the players with the skills. We get on the right track, get positive and some good things could happen for us and possibly brighten this picture up as far as our future, Jason Garrett, those kinds of things.

    What does Jason Garrett need to do to get the full time job?...
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    Was that Jerry or JG. Guess I'm confused but they are sounding like the same person right about now.

    When they start talking about each other in the 4th person, we do have a problem.
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    I've heard or read enough about Jerry. Frankly, I'm up to here with him. Why can't he just shut up sometime. I really think he's got mental problems. His desire to have his name all over the place is more then just his ego. Also for sorry for Stephen Jones. Have no doubt he deeply loves and respects his father, but there must be times when he just shakes his head & wonders what in the world is his dad thinking of.
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    Note to Jerry. No need to look too far.
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    Well, he does have 493 more to go, so...............

    Oh yeah..repost.
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    That's right Jerruh show us those true colors you slime bag, mean while punk your team is 2-7 and hasn't won a superbowl in over 15 years, Now take that
    to the bank ****
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    Yeah, because I'm sure Jerry is calling every media outlet trying to schedule more and more interviews. :rolleyes:

    It seems that people forget that Jerry is the owner AND gm of the most popular team in professional sports. Can't believe people would be interviewing that guy.

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