News: DMN: Jerry Jones touched by handwritten letter from player for Christmas

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    Brandon George / Reporter | Bio
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    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Friday morning on 105.3 FM that he was touched by a handwritten letter he received from one of his players for Christmas.

    "We had one of our players, neatest thing I've ever seen, basically write a handwritten note to over 300 people in our organization, including all of his teammates, and said, 'Santa's a little tight this year. You know the times that we're in,'" Jones said. "He personally wrote a little something himself and put a dollar bill in there and says, 'Hope this will do you. Merry Christmas.'"

    On Thursday, Cowboys offensive linemen Kyle Kosier and Doug Free gave each of their fellow offensive linemen remote control cars for Christmas that apparently can reach up to 60 mph in speed.

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    Mickey explained it a little different.

    He said the notes were from Frank Walker. Basically he got a list of all the employees that work for the Cowboys, then took a plain piece of 8.5 by 11 printer paper, folded it in half and scribbled "Merry Christmas" on the front. Then inside, he wrote, "I'm on a budget." and slipped a dollar in each card.

    It was supposed to be just a light hearted joke/holiday thing, not some sweeping emotional gesture. It was supposed to make everyone smile, which he said it did.
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    That makes more sense. Otherwise it's a little offensive to get a note with a dollar in it from a millionaire pro football player. I'd be little ticked.
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    Is Walker a millionaire?

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