News: DMN: Jerry Jones wants Jason Garrett and coaching staff to be more creative w/Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Well, he went on to explicitly say not so much Garrett or Wilson, but Callahan and "some of the other new coaches we hired," so, I'd start there. But the point is, this is how Jerry Jones says the team is about to give Tony Romo a lot of money. It's not necessarily an indictment on the previous offense. It's him setting expectations high over breakfast in order to make it clear that he expects performance when he gets out his checkbook.
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    To be fair, Mccarthy and Payton seemingly have the same outlook. The difference is they have clearly better QBs. Green Bay has Rodgers who is like Romo x10, and Payton has Brees behind one of the best pass blocking lines in the league.

    All in all, I think McCarthy is overrated, but Payton is legit.

    I'd like to see what Garrett could do with a solid offensive line.
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    Who wouldn't.

    As soon as he starts putting one together we'll see.
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    Does this mean we may be able to see more than 7 screen passes this year?:D
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    more "romo friendly talk". How many years running now has this been off-season marketing line.
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    We may even see a bootle

    Ground breaking concepts Ivy League cant seem to figure out.
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    :lmao2: At least it's abundantly clear that Jerry values Romo and knows what he is capable of. If he didn't, then we can be damn sure he's gone insane.
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    Mark Rypien took his team to the play-offs and a Super Bowl win, with a solid offensive line. Any average QBs can do much behind an offensive line that doesn't let a QB get touched. This is a fallacious argument. The reality is, the Redskins killed Romo and the Dallas offense didn't adjust for the blitz up the middle. The coaching staff isn't doing what it can with the tools available with them,
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    If the owner/GM is telling the HC/OC he wants more offensive production...likely points scored....then I have zero problem with that. If he's telling him specifics then I'd bet Garrett says sure Mr Jones then does what he wants.

    I think the point about opening up the Tony telling Jerry he gets that or he's walking. Tony begged Garrett to open it up some and I construe that as some no huddle and some up tempo game. I don't think anyone expects Tony to run or even pass more.
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    Well said!
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    If Romo passes any more you will not be able to call him a QB he will be a pitcher. :laugh2:
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    that's what I'm thinking
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    Wow. That's a first.

    Will he continue to hang on to him IF he doesn't perform? Like many others he's paid? And this is coming from Mr. Romo Friendly himself?

    Let's see if his money is truly where his mouth is. Just sayin'.
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    Appears to me, Romo is already being "creative" in trying to live game to game with the OLine JJ sticks him with.........

    Granted JG could be using alot more of the quasi wr screens everyone runs, the stacked wr everyone else uses........

    ...but maybe JJ is thinking of using Tony in the RGIII option mold:eek:
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    You pretty much just closed the thread with the first response.

    Hey, Jerry.....Jason would like a GM capable of getting him players.
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    Man, what I'd give to have a Owner and GM to keep their mouths shut and have their head coach be able to run the team their way. Why can't this senile and idiotic old man keep his mouth shut for once and let Garrett run his team? Why must he interfere in everything? It's like he doesn't see that he's the main and sole reason we've been average for the last 17 years.
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    I wonder if people would be less mad if it was Jerry the GM talking? Or maybe everything he says makes people mad. I personally don't pay too much attention to what he says.
  19. Beast_from_East

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    You may have a point there, maybe this is Jerry's way of telling Garrett that if he gives Romo a $100 million dollar contract, we better not be 8-8 next year.

    Because if we are 8-8 next year, obviously the QB that got the $100 million dollar contract is not going out the door, its going to be the guy that didnt use him correctly, meaning Garrett.
  20. Beast_from_East

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    Romo was 3rd in the league in pass attempts, behind Stafford and Brees.

    I dont think it is a matter of passing more, just being more efficient with the passing offense. This clearly implys that Romo has more than 2 seconds to throw the ball before being tackled and the WRs knowing where to line up without Romo having to tell them on every dam play.

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