News: DMN: Jerry Jones wants Jason Garrett and coaching staff to be more creative w/Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 19, 2013.

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    If you give Romo a $100 million, he is your QB no matter what. Even if Romo sucked, you could not even think about getting rid of him till year 3 or 4 of that new deal.

    Garrett is the one that will be held responsible if Romo does not play well. Say we are 8-8 again and no playoffs, is the QB you just gave $100 million to going out the door or is the head coach in the last year of his contract going out the door?
  2. Califan007

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    The more games you guys are able to win with Romo only throwing 25 passes, the better off the Cowboys will be.
  3. Califan007

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    Rypien took the Skins to the Super Bowl with a very good O-Line, extremely good coaching, extremely good offensive game plans, a stingy defense and one helluva great deep ball...that year Rypien was one of the best deep ball passers I'd ever seen, and Gibbs knew how to use that part of his game to perfection. And it wasn't because Ryp had "all day to throw".

    Thinking all it takes is an improved offensive line is a bit naive.
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    this!!!!!!!! :bang2::bang2::bang2:
  5. Seven

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    Oh, absolutely. However, my point was jethro's comment was absolutely asinine.......again.

    He paints himself into a corner.
  6. khiladi

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    When you only allow I think 6 sacks the whole year, than Rypien becomes one of the best deep ball passers you've ever seen. That is why this event of being the best, deep passer you've ever seen happened for, as you said, ONE YEAR. So yes, it was because Rypien had all day to throw..
  7. Califan007

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    Yeah, the Skins didn't have a good O-Line until that season lol...Rypien only got sacked 7 times in 1991, but also only got sacked 6 times in 1990. That comes to being sacked once every 51 pass attempts in 1990 vs sacked once every 60 attempts in 1991. So either Rypien was one of the best deep passers in the league in 1990 as well--meaning it wasn't "ONE YEAR" lol..or he wasn't one of the best deep passers in 1990--meaning, having "all day to throw" didn't suddenly turn him into an accurate deep passer.

    Besides, having all day to throw doesn't mean you stop underthrowing and overthrowing doesn't mean you automatically start hitting WRs in stride 50 yards doesn't mean you suddenly able to place the ball in between two defenders in the end zone right as they're about to smack the guy you're throwing to...not to mention just because you might have 3-4 seconds to throw doesn't mean you TAKE 3-4 seconds to throw.

    At any rate, my point was that having a good O-Line isn't going to suddenly turn the Cowboys--or almost any team in the league--into bonafide SB contenders. So using Rypien and the Skins as an example was flawed from the get-go. That 1991 Redskins team was extremely well coached, had extremely well-designed offensive schemes, was the beneficiary of having one of the best GMs in the history of the game in place for 10 years helping train his successor...AND having one of the best deep passers of the game behind center.
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    Rypien is an interesting case. Has any QB fallen as far and as fast as he did? Went from MVP to gone in what 3 years? AND it was not like he was old.

    Clearly a case of 1991 just being a year where everything fell just right for him.

    A good O line would make this team about 7-10 points a game better.
  9. jobberone

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    I'd agree with this. I still think we're talking tempo.
  10. ravidubey

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    He rarely faced elite pass rushes, had the best OL in the league by far, and an elite and unselfish WR corps of Monk, Clark, and Sanders. Were it not for the Cowboys playing aggressively and winning in RFK, Washington would have easily gone 19-0 that year. The fierce Eagles defense (one of the best I've ever seen) was limited by the loss of both their starting and backup QB's.

    The next year Dallas added Kevin Smith and Charles Haley with Chad Hennings and Leon Lett maturing, and the combination made Rypien look like a deer staring into headlights in the 1992 season opener.

    After that game, Washington got old in a hurry and bus-driver Rypien went from driving a Ferrari to a used Corolla. As his team declined, he had no ability to elevate them.
  11. khiladi

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    So he sucked in 1990? So your saying his OL not allowing 6 sacks had nothing to do with Rypien becoming 'one of the best deep passers' in 1990? So then explain to me what happened to Rypien's career if it wasn't related to that offensive line?
  12. khiladi

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    I've wondered from time-to-time what would have happened if Jerome Brown stayed alive. That 1992 season in which the Cowboys won the Super Bowl, with Jerome Brown, they punished Troy Aikman.

    Of course I don't think the Eagles had the offense to compete in the long-run, especially as you say, with the emergence of that defense with Smith, who was well on his way to becoming one of the all time greats, if not for that achilles injury, and Haley, but it would have been interesting.
  13. Doomsday101

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    True about Philly offense thanks in large part to Buddy Ryan. As great of a defensive coach that he was he never put much emphasis on offense. He felt it they could score a few points his defense would win the game.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Romo needs to extend drives with his legs when it's there.

    Romo need to get that 1st down on his own when it's there.

    Nothing wrong with that.
  15. burmafrd

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    little hard to run when you got three guys waiting for you in the backfield because the O line sucks. RBs, QB, anyone.
  16. ConstantReboot

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    Funny you say that since when Peyton was here we got the same results. Nothing wrong with Romo. Its the system which has held him back and the reason is the playcalling.
  17. jamesdojr

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    I agree with Jerry. I'm tired of 5 yard dinks over the middle to Witten amd comeback routes to the outside. I see every other team running crossing routes and post patterns that dont require their WRs to ever break stride. Dez is a beast in the slot running across the field. So is Miles. This offense is VERY stale. But the Oline HAS to be fixed. This current Oline stinks. Even our best Olineman, Tyron Smith, was pretty average last year. Brandon Moore would be a great start to fixing that... and we have to take an Olineman with our first as well. Cooper would be another smart pick if you want to "unleash" Romo.
  18. pansophy

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    The obvious stupidity of this is that last year Romo threw for the most yards in Cowboys history.

    Give the man a running game and stout defense.
  19. gambit187

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    There is no reason to not have 2-3 run plays designed for Romo.
  20. RastaRocket

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    I'll take 7-10 points a game better. Hell, we could even score less points with a better OLine due to grinding out the clock. A good O Line just simply allows you to manage the game on offense in a plethora of ways. You can rest the defense, and you can open up the passing game. It helps the team in late game situations from both sides of the ball.

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