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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I don't have the energy to go back and dig up all the horrid memories of Campo's tenure. I thought we had all put that to rest.

    But Jerry certainly deserves a lot of blame ... especially for hiring him.

    And, by the way, I thought Gailey was a pretty good coach who got a raw deal. I don't lump Gailey and Campo together like a lot of people. Gailey took Switzer's 6-10 band of underachievers and went 10-6 his first year ... and Jerry never had Gailey's back.
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    So why did Carter get more wins in fewer games and pass for 200+ yards six consecutive games before Hutch took over. Why was the Cowboys offense ranked 18th in passing, but fell to 31st after Hutch took over? Why did Galloway have more catches in the 7 games he played with Carter than he did in the 9 he played with Hutch? Why did Bryant have 22 catches in 9 games with Hutch and have 22 catches in 7 games with Carter? Why did Hutch have 1 win in 5 starts with Chicago and have only 1 good game, and that was against Minnesota, whose defense was putrid in 2004. Hutch is a good athlete, but has just been away from football way too long to ever succeed.
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    As I said without being allowed to run the team as he saw fit how bad of a HC is he really? You can't tie a guys hands and expect him to have success. Jerry would sit down with Coslet on matter of the offense? Coslet was not the HC Campo was and any personnel moves should have been directly between Campo and his OC not Jerry OC. This is why I stress Parcells picking his own staff, not because I don't think Saunders is a bad coach I think he is a very good coach but it is Bill Parcells who is the HC and he is the one that should be picking the people he feels can do the job as he sees it.
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    I like Campo too, he just wasn't a good head coach, but was a fine coordinator. No shame in that.
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    My bad, I should have put my signature "Yep" at the beginning of the post when I am agreeing with a quote.

    But I agree with all of your assessments.

    Campo's true style was never really unleashed and fully explored while he was here.

    - Mike G.

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