News: DMN JJT: Clock is ticking for controversial Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett

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    01:33 AM CDT on Monday, August 23, 2010

    Column by JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News |

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
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    OXNARD, Calif. – The questions about Martellus Bennett have never revolved around his talent.

    Now, there have been questions about his commitment because Bennett's fascination with producing videos for YouTube and UStream seemed to affect his work during his first two seasons.

    There have also been legitimate questions about his maturity. And his judgment after an ex-girlfriend posted nude pictures of him on the Internet a few weeks ago.

    But if he continues to build upon Saturday's performance against San Diego – four catches for 40 yards and a touchdown – then the only question concerning Bennett will be what took so long for him to become a viable part of the offense?

    Bennett runs routes and contorts his body to catch balls like a receiver, and he's a good enough blocker that he would be a splendid tackle – if he wasn't such a terrific athlete.

    This off-season, Bennett said he decided to see just how good he could be if he dedicated to getting better.

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    I dislike that he says (summarizing here) that previously in his career a false start on 3rd down would "bother" him.. but not anymore.

    I hope what he's saying is that he's constantly focusing on the next play, and he's adapting a CB/QB type of mindframe where he doesn't dwell on small mistakes made previously in the game. He probably did, but it's not about what you "meant" to say - it's how you say it. A false start on 3rd down and this fan will probably hate you until next Sunday. False start on 1st down is bad enough.. but if you make a 3rd/2 a 3rd/7, that's just not acceptable
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    Picky, picky.

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    Sorry I didnt read the article...

    I think the Bennett thing is overhyped and not much about anything..

    So Bennett makes idiotic videos....says some crazy things....its really isnt a big deal. The kid doesnt get in any legal problems...hasnt assaulted anyone...etc..

    And as long as Witten is here.....Bennett will not see many balls thrown to him and will be mostly used as a decoy and a solid blocking TE.

    I can understand the hype if Bennett was our #1 TE .....but he isnt.......I dont see our 4th WR get this much attention. I understand that Bennett gets alot of plays in....but most of them are as a inline blocker...and if he does go out for a pass....he is probably the 3rd or 4th option at best.

    I like Bennett and sure I wish this kid acted like he was 30......and it would be great if he followed the same script and said all the right things....stayed home and watched reruns and studied his playbook 24/7.........but that wouldnt change anything in the great scheme of things......he would still be a 2nd TE thats main purpose is to run block and maybe... if lucky catch 20-30 balls in a season.
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    If I'm Marty B, I'd take a look at that sentence and seriously consider it's implication.

    More than likely Jason Witten is going to retire a Cowboy. That means Jason should be on the roster at the very least 5 more seasons, probably will be more than that. As long as JW is on the roster for the next 4 to 5 seasons, he will be the primary option at the TE position.

    Now, I'm Marty B, I'm looking at that picture and I tell my myself that I have 4 choices:

    a) remain a Cowboy and a 2nd fiddle to JW ( not happening )

    b) Keep improving and when I hit free agency, somebody would give me a big contract. ( somewhat realistic, but not probable )

    c) Hope that Witten has a career ending injury and I can take over as the goto guy ( Not out of the realm of possibilities, but highly improvable, not to mention in bad taste ).

    d) Switch positions to OT as soon as after this season, become the starting RT for the Dallas Cowboys within 2 years ( possibly even a pro bowler ) since the position is wide open, and make a TON of money on my next contract.

    I can think of at least to Hall of Fame Tackles that started out as TEs before making the switch and had they remained TEs, we would have probably never heard of them:

    Rayfield Wright and Joe Jacoby.
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