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    Dallas Cowboys tight end coach John Garrett was interviewed on KESN-FM on Wednesday to discuss the growth of Martellus Bennett , the loss of John Phillips and the younger players vying for a spot. Here are some highlights:

    Is Martellus Bennett a good enough blocker at the point of attack that the Cowboys can be as effective with a two tight end set as when they still had John Phillips?
    Oh yes, no doubt about it. Again, they play different roles. Martellus Bennett is typically with his hands down on the line of scrimmage as the ‘Y’ and John Phillips was more as the ‘F’ tight end in motion, performing his blocking responsibilities on the move, in motion and from the backfield. So, they play different roles and Martellus Bennett can be a very effective blocker and he has proven to be one at the point of attack because he’s shown the ability to move people off the line of scrimmage, even the big defensive lineman. So we’re pleased with his role and his performance as a run blocker.

    So are Martellus Bennett and Jason Witten more similar than they are different?
    Well, again, they are interchangeable. There are times when we play Witten at ‘Y’ and there are times when we play him at ‘F’. And that is based upon what we are trying to do, whether it’s a run or a pass. We try not to let the defense just key in on what plays we run when this guy plays a certain position and this guy plays a certain position. So you need that versatility to keep the defense off guard and they play both positions. It could change: one play, Martellus is the ‘Y’, next play he’s the ‘F’. So we really try to keep the defense off balance with how we call the personnel.

    To listen to the interview, click here.

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    Talk about a headline that's misleading.
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    I thought the exact same thing.
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    Garrett got defensive with the play action in the red zone. He has to know they didn't do it anywhere near as often as they should have done.

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