News: DMN: John Lynch on the Cowboys: Secondary is weak; Ryan's defense complicated

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    By BARRY HORN / Staff Writer

    From Barry Horn's weekly Hot Air column this week:

    On the Hot Seat with Fox NFL analyst John Lynch

    Can you compare the Cowboys who will play the Cardinals to the Cowboys who played the Rams?

    They have evolved in a very positive way. Before I worked the Rams game, I studied the Cowboys game from the week before up in New England. I am hesitant to give one guy credit for turning the team around, but DeMarco Murray has certainly helped. The team became a better team when he started against the Rams. He has helped Tony Romo. He has helped the offensive coordinator. He helped the passing game. He has helped the defense by having them on the field less time.

    You know something about defensive backs. How is the Cowboys secondary?
    With all due respect, it is the weakness of the defense. The front seven is a strength. The safeties are playing well. The corners have been exposed in Mike Jenkins' absence.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/12/foxs-john-lynch-on-the-cowboys.html

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