News: DMN:Jon Kitna on Jason Garrett: 'He got his point across'

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    From Wire Reports
    IRVING – Jason Garrett is in a hurry.

    As interim coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and still the offensive coordinator, he has no time for chitchat, no time for anything but work. All those congratulatory calls, texts and e-mails piling up will have to wait.

    "I'm not overly concerned about getting back with everybody," he said during one of his brief news conferences this week. "I think they understand that I appreciate the support."

    Garrett can't slow down because there is always something to do next. His world is an NFL assembly line of meetings, walkthroughs, practices and more meetings, all culminating in a game – and he has only has eight of them to show Jerry Jones he's the right man to lead America's Team.

    Jones flipped over the team's leadership structure this week, tossing out coach-defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and promoting Garrett, a 44-year-old Princeton grad who's never been a head coach at any level but has long been viewed as a great candidate.

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    Two mistakes in the article:

    Actually, Garrett has 8 games to show that he's not the right man. Jerry would rather keep Garrett around.

    Jerry didn't flip over the structure. He got rid of a worn-out couch and rearranged the remaining furniture.

    And, of course, Jerry kept himself in the center of everything. So we've got that going for us.

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