News: DMN: Jones family merchandising company to produce apparel for USC

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    Published 12 May 2011 03:22 PM

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    Silver Star Merchandising Ltd., an Irving-based company launched last year by the family of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones , has signed a 10-year-deal to be the exclusive maker and distributor of off-field jerseys, hats and other athletic-themed apparel for the University of Southern California.

    The deal, which takes effect July 1, is the first major college pact for Silver Star Merchandising, said president Jerry Jones Jr., the son of the team owner.

    Jones said the arrangement is unprecedented in the lucrative world of college gear.

    “This really is revolutionizing the approach that the university is taking toward their apparel,” he said Thursday.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...dising-company-to-produce-apparel-for-usc.ece

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