News: DMN:Kurt Warner-Cowboys must continue to build around 'extremely talented' Tony Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner joined New School on KRLD-FM 105.3. Here are some highlights.

    On Tony Romo:
    “I love Tony Romo. When you look at the National Football League, a lot of times we want to compare everybody to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and rightfully so because they’re the best in the business. But when I look at the quarterback position, I think you have to look at the entire league and put Tony Romo up against the rest of the league. Maybe outside of those four or five great quarterbacks because they’ve won championships or whatever and to me he's way above most guys starting in this league. What he brings to the table is his skill set, his competitiveness, and you saw it. Even down the stretch this past year, he played the position as well as anybody during that stretch. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to get over that hump or this team, I should say, hasn’t been able to get over the hump of winning in the playoffs and making a run, but I think he’s one of those unique talents at the position and you have to continue to build around him because you can’t win anything in the National Football League by yourself. The great quarterbacks always have great teams around them that help them win. I think they have to continue to build because Tony is an extreme talent. He’s a guy that knows how to win, he’s competitive and he’s a guy you want behind the center.”

  2. CoCo

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    Very good read. Very fair.
  3. JPostSam

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    what? warner was down on romo for most of the year...

    glad he's changed his tune, though.

    after all, romo's touchdown ratio is higher than warner's was and his interception ratio is lower than warner's was.

    he also 5 more game-winning drives and TWICE as many 4th-quarter comebacks as warner had.
  4. KB1122

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    If championships are our goal, why shouldn't we compare him to the qbs that win championships?
  5. CyberB0b

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    This one was entirely on Romo. 3 minutes left, down by 3, with the ball and he throws a pick on a dumpoff pass. He choked. With that said, he is immensely better than most QBs in the league.
  6. Lodeus

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    I never knew he was a Cowboy fan until today.
  7. Nav22

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    Troy Aikman
    Roger Staubach
    Jimmy Johnson
    Bill Parcells
    Trent Dilfer
    Brett Favre
    Kurt Warner

    Now let's see the list of guys who think Romo sucks and compare them to the list above.
  8. Avenger

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    Who cares about his stats.

    Romo's 33 and he's failed in the clutch, his entire life.

    There's a reason he was never drafted and so far... he hasn't been able to overcome it.
  9. perrykemp

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    And three less Superbowl appearances...
  10. newlander

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    .........not ALOT I can say or write to refute that. HOWEVER, I have to wonder if Tony had a team behind him like Flacco does in Baltimore OR Kaepernick in SF if things wouldn't have been different: too bad we'll never find out. Real shame.
  11. lostar2009

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    He did that 07 cowboys group yielded 7-10 pro bowlers.. plus he had FLo, Davis, Gurode on the online with MB at his prime???? Romo was too young to appreciate what he had instead he was to busy playing in tournaments and dating celebrity girlfriends.
  12. Gemini Dolly

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    2007 will forever haunt me. Missed opportunity BIG TIME.
  13. lostar2009

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    Yea i know then we would have played GB at home... we own those guys at home.
  14. Idgit

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    You can say almost anything to refute it. You just see the evidence and don't, for whatever reason.
  15. Ring Leader

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    Now you've done it. I'm sure some of our fans with imaginary superior pedigrees are chomping at the bit to school us on how those named above have either no ability to analyze the quarterback position or are flat our liars.
  16. JPostSam

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    warner wasn't drafted, either.

    also, good quarterbacks don't get automatic invitations to the super bowl.
  17. Doomsday101

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    Because as he pointed out it is the team who wins the championship. That small fact seems to go over many people heads.
  18. DFWJC

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    Funny how everybody that actually knows a significant amount about the QB position thinks he is extremely good. Not just serviceable, not just good.

    Any discussion regarding Romo being at all reason why this team is not advancing is plain uninformed.

    If anyone watched the game yesterday, they had to notice the monumental differences between those two Olines and what we are rolling with.
    The defenses managed to trick them a few times with blitzs--they both have very good defesnes, obviously-- but for the most part it like a the QBs had red jerseys on and nobody could touch them.

    Having occassional prewssure or taking a sack now and then is part of the job. It's when a QB has to deal with almost immediate pressure on a high percentage of the snaps--that's when chaos occurs.

    Romo would light teams up almost every week if he had that kind of protection and run game.
    This is just plain fact.

    Warner is not saying anything that nearly 100% of coaches and QBs alrwady say about Romo.

    Any mention of a players draft position 10 years after the draft as ameasure of what type of player they are is almost all-time short-bus material. Why don't we just put David Klingler and Jamarcus Russell in the Hall of Fame then. Guys like Tom Brady, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner, and Romo should not be mentioned because they were either drafted very late or not at all.
  19. Avenger

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    Was it the "team" that threw those 3 interceptions in Washington?

    Romo never rises to the occasion.

    If the Cowboys were to ever win the SB with Romo at QB. Would you "team" guys... only give Romo 1/53rd of the credit?

  20. Idgit

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    Romo blew it in WAS, but he very often *does* rise to the occasion. I don't understand anybody caring enough to post on CZ not being able to see that, but I know there still are a few stragglers our there.

    He'd get and deserve more than 1/53rd of the credit, but that's a fairly silly question. He still won't be able to do it all on his own. The other players have roles that matter, too.

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