News: DMN:Kurt Warner-Cowboys must continue to build around 'extremely talented' Tony Romo

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I have never excused Romo of his mistakes. The final int was on Tony he did not expect the LB to fall back into the coverage and he did. So that was on Tony. If or when the Cowboys win a SB I will give the Cowboys players the staff and Jerry Jones their just dues.

    Just as I did when the Cowboys of the 90's won 3 SB or the Cowboys in the 70's. It was not Troy Aikman who won those games alone or Roger who won games alone. There were a host of HOF players who shared in those wins and coaching staffs.

    Focus on the games when Troy won MVP vs Buffalo you think Emmitt rushing for 103 played a part in the game or the fact that nine turnovers the defense forced and lead to 35 points played a big part. To act as if the QB won those game is a slap in the face to every player who worked their butts off for those wins.
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    Whenever you see sweeping comments like "always chokes every single time", you know you are dealing in the far outer limits. It's so far from reality and incredibly uninformed, that it's not worth responding to.

    They'll look the other way at countless 3rd or 4th down and long conversions late in games and comeback 4th quarter wins if you just give them a "big game" pick that occurs on the road when the QB is under contwcnt heavy pressure.
    Even the playoff win with 100+ rating vs Philly somehow is forgotten. It has to be if the "always chokes in big games" is to hold up. Even the 2007 loss vs the Giants when he in all reality DID throw the perfect winning TD pass, only to see the WR screw it up. But no, that was a Romo fail too.
    You have to conveniently forget the good stuff. and multiply the bad by 10.
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    LMAO !!!! Exactly if Romo was to compete in a SB according to these guys he would be the only reason why this team would be in it.:laugh2:
    Romo would not get 1/53 of the credit more like 90% of the credit. And once Romo wins a SB he would go down as one of the best qbs ever !!!!:lmao: Even if a defense manage to carry him through those games.
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    i think it is time to move on from romo and get another qb. he is at the age now that he is not going to get any better. romo might have two years left but can we cannot trust him to win the critical game when up to this point he has failed. i know the oline is terrible but some of his throws are on him and him alone. i just wish that jones would go all in and fix the oline and get romo a running game and then if he still chokes it is time to move on. history is not on rome side.
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    Well then the old adage would show up again that QB get more credit for wins and too much blame for loses.
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    Romo had an offensive line once in 2007. That year Colombo and the defense faltered in the playoff making Ray Edwards look all pro and scuttling our offense. He had no offensive line nor defense this year etc.

    This is a team game and you can only ask for so many 4th quarter comebacks. His 'failure' has been an inability to score 35 points every game.
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    For those of you who think its just Romo have no clue about football or any team sport for that matter.

    Romo did throw INTs in wk 17 but we failed this season before it started as an organization. We addressed our trenches by putting a band aid on it with the signing of Mack and Livings. We didn't add any significant players on the DLine and as a result we paid for it during the season.

    Name one QB who would have performed better than Romo with this line.
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    We failed earlier this season because of those turnovers.. then you add in Romo failure at the end it was a done deal. The reason why im not having any remorse for Romo is because this guy was sat up to become the hero... the defense did what it could do but Romo failed everybody. I can never forget it, especially with all the players that played that season injured.... defense gets the ball back with 3 minutes left and 3 timeouts.. All can be forgiven for Romo but in the end it is what it is.
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    I heard someone say on the radio yesterday that the public opinion of Romo by players is that he's a choker, but the private opinion is that Romo is one of those "special" players.

    I think Romo can win a Super Bowl with all the right pieces. At least I hope he will.
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    Public opinion = same public that leaves their infant in the car while they go gamble.

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