News: DMN: Michael Irvin: Doesn't matter if Tony Romo goes to Houston, Texans will never take

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    Free agency began 11 days ago and Tony Romo is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys. It remains unclear where Romo will be working during the 2017 season.
    The Houston Texans and Denver Broncos remain the front-runners. With that in mind, Michael Irvin was asked Monday morning about the possibility of Romo joining the Texans.

    Some might think Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would prefer Romo in Denver, preventing the possibility of the Texans gaining in-state Romo/Cowboys fans.

    The Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Cowboys receiver laughed at that thought.

    "Never in your lifetime, my lifetime and your kids' lifetime will the Houston Texans take over Texas from the Dallas Cowboys," Irvin told Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. "Never. Don't even sweat it. Don't worry about it."

    Irvin, an NFL Network analyst, also said he believes the Cowboys would have a better chance than the Texans of winning the Super Bowl even if Romo was Houston's starting quarterback.

    "I still think Dallas would have a better chance," Irvin said. "I would still take Dallas in that game and winning that Super Bowl."

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