News: DMN: Miles Austin: ‘I feel really good right now, hopefully it stays that way

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor
    9:57 pm on June 13, 2013 | Permalink

    IRVING – Miles Austin is two years removed from his last Pro Bowl appearance. Asked by a reporter on Thursday if he believes he’s still a Pro Bowl player if he’s able to stay healthy, Austin didn’t want to discuss individual accomplishments.

    “I’m just trying to win games,” was Austin’s complete response.

    “It’s terrible whenever you get injured or whenever you are hurt,” Austin said. “Last year, I missed the last game of the year with a high ankle sprain and that other game I came out of because of the hip. During the year, there’s going to be injuries, you are going to be banged up here and there, but you’ve just got to fight through it.

    “I felt like last year I was banged up a few times throughout the season, but I kept going back with it, kept practicing, kept playing.”

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...d-right-now-hopefully-it-stays-that-way.html/
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    Lord please let this guy stay on the field... :bang2:
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    If Miles can stay healthy, we have a special group of WR's.
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    IMO, Miles is the trigger that makes the 12-package work...if you have dez, miles, jason and Hanna/Escobar all running routes at the same time, who are you going to guard?

    health is the key to the team this year...stay healthy, we get in the playoffs
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    CHINA DOLL:bang2:
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    66 catches, 943 yards, and six touchdowns. I'll take that in a number 2 receiver. Yes, he can do better if he is healthy, if he had caught more passes, the other receivers probably would have caught fewer.
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    I think some are going to be disappointed this year because there are only so many passing attempts and receptions to be had. Romo completed 434 of 658 attempts and that was near the top of the league. I don't know how many more pass attempts and completions we can get out of a balanced offense. We only scored 23.5 points a game. It that goes up to around 30 then we may but keep in mind the number of running snaps my take more of the total of any possible increase.

    We had right at 6000 yds which was the 6th best in the league. Only the Lions had more yards and finished worse than we did. The league leader in passing attempts was Det at 741 with a league avg of 555. The next two teams which were league leaders offensively overall was the Pats at 641 and NO at 671. So at 658 we don't have a great deal of room to grow a lot at least in a healthy fashion.

    Witten got about 1/4 of those completions which I think is too much. With the Pats Gronk got 55 and Hernandez 51. I'd like to see Witten get down to 70-80 and the other two TEs get 30ish. Atlanta may be a better comparison where Gonzalez got 93, White 92, and Jones 79. If Witten gets 75, Dez 95, and Austin 70 that's 240 out of say roughly 425-450 receptions. That leaves 175-200 to divide up amongst the rest. Last year the RBs got roughly 85. That leaves say 100 or so receptions between the rest of the TEs and WRs. We haven't even counted the 'slot' receiver although Austin will play that role as well.
  8. RoyTheHammer

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    There's always "that guy"..
  9. AKATheRake

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    1. If we increased our pts scored per game avg by 6.5 pts expect us to be a 12-4 to 14-2 team. Highly doubt we increase our avg by a whole TD a game. This is a game of FG's and to increase by 3 points means you easily win 2 more games a season let alone 6.5.

    2. It's very rare to avg 30 pts a game scoring and not be in the playoffs and or a top 5 offence for yards and scoring.

    3. That would probably mean our defence and ST's score more, which we're obviously trying to do. Would also mean we have better time of possession and field position. Things we obviously are trying to do. Ultimately teams would be scoring less on us if this is also the case.

    So to sum everything up. Yes, they're likely to be disappointed not only because there's realistically only so many balls to go around but we miraculously learned how to score 6.5 points more a game all while increasing our possession and decreasing the amount scored on us because we got Monte, Marinelli, several draft picks we feel are going to help us operate a legit 12 package, shore up and create turn overs on defense? Be much better balanced on offence while Callahan calls the plays?

    So we're actually getting an identity?

    Hmm, maybe we can increase the scores we put up and decrease the scoring on us after all.

    I still question if we'll be able to protect # 9 and get consistent pressure on the oppositions QB. Guys like Free are gonna become players again? All of these new results are just going to come to fruition? I hope so.
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    If Miles could put together another season like 2009, it would do soooooo much for everyone else on Offense............He's gotta have another 2009 type season in him doesn't he????
  11. JohnsKey19

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    Good point. As long as Dez and Witten are relatively healthy throughout the season, Miles' ceiling for yardage is probably going to be somewhere around 1150-1200 yards. Again that's the ceiling, so more than likely he finishes somewhere closer to1000 yds if healthy. As a #2WR and #3 receiving target, that is fine.
    Another thing to consider is the better players on the bottom half of the WR depth chart compared to last season. An emerging Harris and Terrence Williams compared to Ogletree, Beasley and Harris who at that point they seemingly were afraid to put on the field. If Williams and/or Harris really shine or just even consistent in that 3rd WR role, this could also impact Miles' production.

    I'm not so worried about Miles' numbers at this point. We just need him to be healthy and productive. Romo will eclipse 4500+ yds passing as long as the main guys are relatively healthy.
  12. Frozen700

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    Oh no...

    Let's Panic
  13. Joe Realist

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    Does anyone know his cap hit for next year?
  14. jobberone

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    I was just using 30 as an example because you're right. Teams that score like that aren't going to finish much lower than 11 wins often higher. But I don't see that as an unreasonable goal. We got less out of our yards more than anyone but Detroit of teams in our neighborhood of production. So if we get the expected points from our yardage then our scoring will go up into the 25-30 range. I'd set a high goal of 35 ppg and an acceptable goal of 30 ppg. Anything over 25+ is competitive assuming a good defense.

    So while the O failed last year it was mostly RZ and short yardage as far as scoring goes. I'd add in a subpar rushing offense (one yd per attempt less than league average) and lack of turnovers. But it was the D that failed the most. That's the one that needs to go in the other direction by a TD or more. 25ppg is unacceptable. 17 or less is the goal and I don't think that is unreasonable for this team. My only worry now is at safety and depth at CB. Wasn't real happy with Carr last year and a little more nervous now. Mo is a sophmore and OScan is inconsistent. I think they will be decent but don't know. And the CBs have to be able to tackle in this defense Church will do fine. Allen can play but after that is a serious question mark.
  15. Eskimo

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    With the current pass happy league and the strength of our offense and the extra turnovers the new defense should generate I think it is quite reasonable to expect us to score 30 ppg next year. I might be disappointed if we don't with a healthy Dez, Murray, Witten and Miles playing behind the new and improved OL.

    The part about the defense holding the opponents to 17 ppg seems unrealistic to me. I think 21 or 22 ppg is the new 17 goal for defenses. Hold the other team under 21 and hope your offense can put up the 3 TDs and a FG needed to win (or 2 TDs and 3 FGs).
  16. Sarge

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    I'll take it too - but those numbers could have been all the better had he:

    1) not dropped crucial passes
    2) stayed healthy for a change.

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