News: DMN: Miles Austin fulfills Cowboys faith with better numbers than Michael Irvin & TO

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    IRVING You should have seen the eyes rolling, slight chuckles and curious looks as Jerry Jones spoke in March 2009 inside the St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach in Dana Point, Calif.


    As Jones went over the reasons for cutting Terrell Owens earlier in the month, he mentioned Miles Austin's ability as one of the big ones.

    "One of the things in really evaluating where we are and this is the art of the deal is deciding if a player like Miles Austin is right here with a Terrell really to what he can do for your offense," Jones said that day.

    At the time, Austin had never started a game and had caught just 17 passes for 354 yards and three touchdowns in his first three seasons. In his three seasons with the Cowboys, Owens had 235 receptions, 3,587 yards and 38 touchdowns.

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    Doesn't really matter what Jerry thought about Austin before Austin stepped in to became the big WR we all hoped he could be. Not only that, but he's continued to play hard and not become a diva. Don't forget, Romo has been a big supporter of Austin from the beginning. Also like the fact that none of our 3 top WRs are divas & all are hard working, etc. Love Austin along with Dez & RWilliams work ethic as well.

    BTW: Also believe rapport was established between Romo & Austin back in in 2006 when Romo was the backup behind Bledsoe & Austin was an undrafted rookie WR from a small college in NJ. Thank God the NJ angle interested Parcells. Along with Austin's play in TC & Romo's support, Parcells tried to hide Austin only allowing much play to him in first preseason game. Eventually Parcells decided Austin too promising to try putting him on PS so Austin made the team. Injuries slowed his progress early in his career, but he worked hard & strengthened his body to take the rigors in the NFL; he also became a really good ST player, a position he never played in college, cause he knew he had to if he wanted to make the team. Anyway Romo has been singing Austin's praises for several years & WR coach Ray Sherman deserves heck of a lot of credit for Austin's development & strong work ethic along with keeping his head on straight. His example has ensured same kind of play from Dez & RWilliams also came acround to become the player we all hoped we traded for 2 years ago.
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    Miles Austin is a top 3 WR in my opinion... Andre and Larry are still the best in the business but Smiles is gaining ground.

    There are no Diva WR's on this team... I know Ray Sherman has to love this group of guys.

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