News: DMN: Moore: Cowboys' Jason Garrett defends his coaching philosophy

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 23, 2010.

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    David Moore

    IRVING – As the offense struggles the debate rages. Is Cowboys coordinator Jason Garrett stubborn or simply clueless?

    Well, that's the sanitized account. For the raw, unfiltered version, check out a blog or catch a few minutes of talk radio.

    Garrett defended his approach Wednesday without sounding defensive. He calmly explained his philosophy and was clear that he won't deviate. It comes down to better execution for a proven formula. The Cowboys will stay the course.

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  2. CCBoy

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    Amen, Brother pass the ammo and get Dez Bryant well, fast.;)

    As to pot stirring in and around FW/Dal area, keep up your Prince Valiant efforts and maybe you can crown 'training bra' your Queen.

    Maybe, if you had been in Viet Nam, you would know the meanings in X's and O's, and that if you go to concepts in application that it will eventually BEAT applications of technique. Let the team establish an all out attack on the passing game and see if the running and it's blocking improve as well. The Vietnamese attacked the technique and NOT the concepts behind them.
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    Garrett is terrible with game managment. Dallas should have pounded the ball against Washington. They averaged 4.8 yards per carry but he only gave the ball to Barber and Jones 8 times each! That would have kept them out of third and longs. It would have opened up the play actions and screens but this former quarterback doesn't have a clue on how to stick with a running game.

    Does anyone think Pittsburgh has a more talented team today? No but they play to their strengths. Run the ball and play good defense.

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    On one hand I respect Garrett for sticking to what he believes, but in the same breath, he'll just go down with his ship.

    And while Garrett still sheds all self-accountability and puts all blame on his players for "failing to execute", I still maitain that that is merely a convenient excuse to blame somepne else.

    I'm more on Jimy Johnson's side who recently said that when you have a team this talented, but that constantly has these types of breakdowns, then you absolutely have to look at the coaching as the problem's source.

    "Failure to execute" is the coaches' problem to resolve - plain and simple!
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    :laugh2: Ok red head...
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    I fear with all this talk about establishing the run, RHJ will force it just to be spiteful.

    A strong running game establishes the LOS and I love seeing the Cowboys impose their will and pound defenses, but this week they are playing a team which has surrendered 400+ yds/game through the air. True, one was in a 5 quarter game and another was vs. the good Manning, but still it seems the weakness of the Texans D is the secondary.

    I don't really care if the Cowboys are a running team or a passing team - I'd rather have them be an attacking team who takes advantage of whatever weakness the opposing D suffers.
  7. CCBoy

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    Fred Sanford to Son: 'You aren't a big dummie, just a plain, ordinary dummy.'

    As to offense, one is usually much more productive in dictating game conditions rather than responding....for sure.
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    It's hard to execute when the defense knows what the hell your doing before you even line up and snap the ball... JG, you have to "deviate" to be successful, if you don't adapt then your a fool.
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    I don't.

    I think the old definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing, but expecting a different result.

    Good coaches adjust. Wannabes always blame it on player execution and excuse themselves from it.

    If Jason Garrett can't understand that there are some serious flaws to throwing the ball on a pace for 792 times in a season, we'll be looking at 5-11 at best.

  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    Romo hasn't been very accurate so it doesn't bode well for the offense.
  11. ZeroClub

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    I'm disappointed in him.
  12. noshame

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    Critics charge the Cowboys don't have an offensive identity. They do. It's balance and diversity.

    It's balance and diversity? What?

    Is this a flippin encounter group?:bang2:
  13. Idgit

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    He's not doing the same thing. He's trying to isolate and fix the execution problems. Specifically with blocking in the running game, according to this article.

    We've seen enough evidence of how that's compromised the team the first two weeks. There's a good chance it actually is the source of the problem and that fixing it fixes a lot of things. For example, I'd *love* to see this defense playing with a two-score lead at some point. We'd end up looking like a contender pretty quickly.

    We're eliminating turnovers and a few costly mental errors away from being able to do that on a regular basis.
  14. BHendri5

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    could he be Stubborn and clueless?
  15. CaptainAmerica

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    Funny how a great running back fixes a lot of OL blocking problems. We don't have anyone that is truly a great RB who can run between the tackles, run outside, catch the ball, etc. Choice is a step slow but he might be the closest. But he's not going to get a chance with this staff.
  16. stasheroo

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    The runnin game struggles because you suck at it Garrett. You did when you got here and you still do.

    You don't know it and don't like it.

    You love you some passing game though, and everybody knows it.

    4.8 yards a carry against the Redskins sounds good to me, but not you. You quickly lose interest.

    Want to know one of this team's biggest problems? The Red Genius passes on first down waaaayy too much!

    Balance the playcalling and stop doing the exact same thing out of the exact same formation and you'll get better results.
  17. Chocolate Lab

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    That isn't an identity. :banghead:
  18. Nightshade

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    The Texans have the most productive offense right now. So it'd be a good idea to pound the rock and keep that offense off the field.
  19. CowboyFan74

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    Great 8-8 here we come...:bang2:

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