News: DMN: Moore: Cowboys' season isn't saved, but there's hope

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    David Moore

    ARLINGTON -- Months passed before progress was evident with the worst man-made disaster of the year.

    A cleanup is currently underway on the second-worst.

    The Cowboys plight doesn't carry the same environmental consequences as a massive oil spill in the Gulf. But the club and British Petroleum sure haven't done much to enhance their brand in 2010.

    Sunday's 35-19 win over Detroit doesn't remove the stain. But with two wins in eight days and their first victory at Cowboys Stadium, this group has offered a glimpse of the team it hoped to be when the season started more than two months ago.

    "You know what? This is how we should have been playing at the beginning," linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "I wish we could have been playing this way. Obviously, we didn't.

    "Now that we know how we can play, it's being consistent and playing like this every week."

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    For the players who don't understand why we weren't winning before, I have to give them a pass - who on Earth did know exactly what ailed us? Part of me wants to tell these players THEY were the problem, but for success you need many things to come together, and chemistry has its place no matter what anyone says.

    If we have it now, and it appears we do, I can't help thinking we're going to come out of the blocks next season and be scary-good from the get-go. Anyone else got that feeling...?
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    Many of the problems we had before Wade was fired & Garred replaced him continue. Our OL, particularly Davis & Colombo, are pretty bad & must be replaced before 2011 season. We also have little depth behind the OL except for Holland. An offensive lives by its OL; ours couldn't protect Romo nor open running lanes for the backs.

    We weren't playing well defensively, but their play really dropped off once Romo was hurt. Many of our so called stars didn't play as well as we hoped but there didn't appear to be any quality depth behind them anyway.

    The players always share some of the blame; they couldn't get out of the way for all the mistakes & penalties they were making. Again coaches don't coach for a team to make more penalties but he can indeed do something about it. It took Wade up until week before he was hired to finally bring in officials to monitor their practices and point out the penalties, etc.

    Overall, just appeared that Wade wasn't prepared to hold any player on the team responsible. When mistakes were made or we lost, he pointed out last year we won first playoff game, etc. He simply seemed to be lost in his own world. Frankly, thought being liked was more important then motivating this team.

    Garrett doesn't care of the players don't like him, but he has let them know they will all be held accountable for their play thru remainder of the season. Screw up, don't go all out, don't be a team player, etc. & their will be a price to pay.

    But the players I cited in first para remain & only a real good draft (OT, CB, DL & LBs) in 2011 & signing at least 2 good FAs (hopefully an OG & a S) who can start immediately for us in 2011 will get us back on track.

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