News: DMN: Moore: Jason Garrett has toughest task any Cowboys coach has faced

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    David Moore

    IRVING – Jason Garrett joins an exclusive club. As one of only eight men to serve as head coach of the Cowboys, he will forever be linked to the franchise's rich tradition.

    How long he maintains that link remains to be seen.

    Garrett can claim what Tom Landry never did. He can state without equivocation what Jimmy Johnson , Bill Parcells and other predecessors can't.

    He's been handed a more difficult job than any of them.

    This isn't hyperbole. A 44-year-old with no head coaching experience has just had a 1-7 team dumped in his lap. He's been given the interim label and eight games to prove he deserves the job moving forward.

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    Must admit I'd love to see Garrett succeed. We've got 8 games left. I'm hoping he really takes over this team & starts with a splash. If Holland is healthy & ready to play & depending on how Costa is playing at LG, I'd bench Davis & name Holland as the starter.

    We've been suffering injuries on the defense so our reserves, particularly on the DL are minimal. But I'd bench Ball (move him back to CB if he's capable of playing better as the 3rd CB in place of Scandrick.

    I'd also like to see him incorporate some biting comments re certain players performance this season. I'd start with Jenkins; no I don't want to cut or trade him because he's got talent which really showed last year. But I think Jenkins bout into Wade's cupcake coaching. He seems to be the kind of player a HC must light a fire under. These a few other players on this same who having same problem. It also wouldn't hurt if the OT we got from the Rams finally gets cut.

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