DMN: Moore: Restructuring DeMarcus Ware's contract is Cowboys' trickiest off-season deal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 1, 2014.

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    what are you hoping for, Ware becomes 25 again? are you going to pay that much money on hope? No, you cut and move on, other teams do it and so can we. Hes not going to regain the form you think he will, much like you can sit here and still argue the Cowboys are going to make the playoffs. Its not happening.

    Cut him, shake his hand, and move on. Its time to bring in guys who can get to the qb, while Ware offers a lot more, right now we need qb killers. I am tired of watching ware run past them.

    This is the same debate as guys saying, "you are going to miss Spencer" Who?

    Lets get back to the basics and lets back to getting after the qb.
  2. Toruk_Makto

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    Who are these 3 2M a year players that are going to turn the line around? People want to go dumpster diving? Ware paycut. Draft guys Rod wants. And go to work.

    Or we can go look through the trash 2 weeks into free agency.
  3. ShiningStar

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    what did we have on the field now? clearly you saw it as working, obvious to everyone else, it wasnt.

    What are you offerining?
  4. Toruk_Makto

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    Ware paycut. And we go heavy on the DL in the draft.

    I think that's superior to cut Ware and then spread 7.4M (assuming that all goes to just the Dline which is probably not true) across 2 or 3 players who aren't solutions either but now are playing in front of the DL you drafted.

    People have to realize that things aren't black and white.
  5. ShiningStar

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    thats a start, okay ill get on board, what if Ware doesnt restructure? Than do you cut? Or do you move the solution around to keep solving the problem. I was under the impression Ware wouldnt restructure, but i like your plan as well.
  6. Toruk_Makto

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    Well Ware backed off taking a paycut. I'd be very wary of restructuring and spreading more money into future years for Ware.

    If Ware refused a paycut then I think you'd have to then seriously consider cutting him.
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  7. KB1122

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    As I've been saying on this ..... if you ask a star player to keep pushing money out of his prime playing years to the back end of the contract, then you can't cut him when he gets there. It's bad business. No one will ever restructure again.

    I don't know enough about Ware's contract specifically, but maybe you give him a year extension and spread out the money. If it's 12 million, maybe you go 6 and 6 or 6 and 7.
  8. theSHOW

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    Dumpster Diving? Having Ware on the field for 1 or 2 downs each series was like jumping in and coming up for air with a half eaten Wendys hamburger covered with banana peel, used fryer grease, some sawdust and a used tampon all stuck together. Remember Caddyshack pool doody scene. cue the jaws music. Some pretty big contacts could be taken on with the savings from getting rid of the doody we got in DeMarcus.
    I like the drafting of a d lineman or 2. We can still do that.
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  9. Hoov

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    Free was saying he wouldn't take a paycut but then changed mind. Hoping ware situation could play out the same
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  10. SDCowboy85

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    Not sure you can compare Foug Free to Ware in this situation. lol
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

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    #94 will come back in 2014 with a vengeance... I'm saying over 10 sacks easily. The same people dogging him will be praising him.
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  12. Don Corleone

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    Are those 10 sacks at meaningful times during the games, in game clinching situations? It makes a difference to fans that are tired of wanting him to make a play with the game on the line, only for him to get stonewalled on the opponent's game winning drive by a 4th round rookie offensive lineman.
  13. silver

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    It's time to rebuild the front seven. This is a young man's game. Wishful thinking will not make Ware regain his old form just like it didn't make Ratliff get younger. It's time to move on from thirthy something players along the D-line. Draft a few of them and just let the young ones develop.
  14. Vinnie2u

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    He's always been to much of a nice guy. Wish he had a bit of a mean streak to his game...
  15. neosapien23

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    I really thought maybe Dallas should have Ware drop his base salaries to about 4 million a year. That is the going rate of older passrushers very similar to what Osi got in Atlanta. After deliberating on it though, I just think its time to move on. Ware cannot be counted on to stay healthy and giving him 4 million of precious cap space will be a bad investment. He and Austin should both be let go and this team should continue the rebuilding process.
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  16. jnday

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    Ware's production is no better than the mid tier free agents, but his pay is triple. You are wanting to gamble on him returning to form when his health has been an increasing issue. Add his age as a factor and the results of the gamble has little chance of paying off. Hanging on to overpayed, over 30, declining players has not worked out so well. At this point in his career, Ware is not going to be a factor in returning this team to the playoffs. Time to get cheaper, younger players with a future in Dallas.
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  17. Super_Kazuya

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    What recent precedent do we have for the fantasy of cutting Ware? I'm trying to think of similar situations, where you have an elite player not far removed from greatness that also had a long, face of franchise history with the team.

    Obviously, the Patriots let Welker go, and he was still an elite player at the time. The Bears told Urlacher to take a walk, but he was older and more past his prime than Ware. What else?
  18. Frozen700

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    Yes he is. Deal with it
  19. visionary

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    reading your posts, i have to think that you are either related to the joneses or work for the cowboys
  20. visionary

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    no way
    ware needs to take a significant pay cut or be cut

    jerry will never do this because of the PR hit, because he is about marketing and not winning, and ware and his agent know it

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