News: DMN: Moose: Cowboys downfall started with training-camp plan

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Gerry Fraley

    The collapse of the Dallas Cowboys this season started when owner-general manager Jerry Jones turned training camp into a multi-city marketing exercise, former fullback Daryl Johnston said.

    ``I went to their training camp, and it's not an environment that's conducive to preparing for a season," Johnston told the New York Post. ``They didn't work hard enough, and there's too many distractions. There's too much outside stuff with them.''

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    Moose words would have a lot of weight if he said all this at the time of training camp when he saw all these issues with training camp, not now after 1-7 season. A lot of people will find issus in every faucet of the cowboys now, it is easy for anyone to point the problems with cowboys now
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    He's absolutely correct but all this will change under JG watch... You can bet they'll work hard in next years TC. They're going to witness a old fashioned Jimmy camp, full pads and hittin often.. This team will be inshape next year. GUARANTEED!!!!!!
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    It is obvious that the team wasn't ready for the start of the season. ... something didn't go right in training camp.

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