News: DMN: NFL VP officiating Dean Blandino on whether Dez caught the ball, running into Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jan 11, 2017.

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    *** Message was removed by demand from DMN ***
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    You can never find enough dead horses to beat.
  3. yimyammer

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    Leave it to Newsbot, he can never get enough of this ****.

    Its why I HATE him!

    Thats right buddy, its me again and I'm not going anywhere
  4. dallasfan4lizife

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    Who's idea was it to put a washed up stand-up comedian as the czar of officiating?

    What kind of sick joke is that?
  5. Idgit

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    Dean Blandino does not get overall positive feedback from his fan interactions. Give me a break.
  6. AdamJT13

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    They should have asked him to define "time."

    Dez had control and took three steps (not just two feet down), and some "time" obviously passed. If there is a minimum amount of time that has to pass no matter how many steps the receiver takes, then it should be stated.
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    It wasn't funny the first time.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    And every time you have been wrong.

  9. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I think the Ref should've just ignored the application of the rule Bc what dez did wasn't really considered when they wrote the language.

    He caught it and then dove for the end zone so it really should've been a fumble recovery.
    If he caught it while IN the end zone he would've fell down on his back and scored. But Bc he took a long time to go to the ground and dive it became "all one act" or something.
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  10. RXP

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    Everytime he tries to explain the play, he bamboozles himself into another corner.

    He knows that was a catch. He knows they screwed up. But they cannot admit it. So he is forced to keep defending the indefensible.
  11. TheSport78

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    Two years later, I'm still waiting for the INCONCLUSIVE evidence that the ball ever hit the ground.
  12. tyke1doe

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    Well, since he has the final say to determine the call, I'd say he was right based on his authority alone.
  13. sweetness0986

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    I can't wait for redemption Sunday.
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  14. erod

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    It was so clearly a catch, nobody can argue against it with any energy whatsoever.

    Blandino is a puppet on a string.
  15. The_Boyz_Rock

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    I'm still pissed about that call.
    I hope Dez is seething for revenge on that BS call
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  16. 4lifecowboy

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    If it was ruled a catch would it even be a subject of debate two years later? The fact that it is still a controversial call two years later says something. And if it is a subjective call as he called it how can it be overturned if originally called a catch?
  17. ConstantReboot

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    The ruling on the field that it was a catch. If there was inconclusive evidence to prove otherwise then why was the call changed to a "no catch?"

    Blandino is a fool. He knows its a catch and they screwed up big time.
  18. iceberg

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    the ****

  19. adbutcher

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    The horse is available for bearing because most of the people know bs when they see it. The NFL is still trying to sell bs and people ain't buying it.
  20. Carharris2

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    Than you. We know he can't say an amount of time.
    I wish one person could ask this idiot Dean the right questions.

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