News: DMN: Nichols: McCann-o-mite! Cowboys have a super rookie not named Dez

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    Bill Nichols

    ARLINGTON -- Most Cowboys fans did not know that his name was Bryan McCann when the season started.

    But after making game-changing plays in two straight games, McCann has made a name for himself – actually, several names.

    "Big-Play McCann," Gerald Sensabaugh said, walking through the locker room as a crowd of reporters circled McCann.

    "McCann-o-mite," offered punter Mat McBriar.

    The Lions must be wondering just who McCann thinks he is.

    Detroit's Nick Harris pinned Dallas three times inside the 5-yard line with punts that stuck like wedge shots on soft greens. Harris was going for his fourth green in regulation when McCann became "Da Man."

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    He's a serious weapon... I'm sure they'll groom into a better CB.
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    Nick Harris was having a heck of a day punting, too. It's not often that McBriar is not the best punter on the field.
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    I'll be happy if he can become the next Bill Bates. He has that kind of energy and hustle, One thing though on the interception in New York he knocked down that reciever just by standing there and holding his ground so maybe he can be a good CB.

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