DMN: Not so fast, Jerry: Injured RB DeMarco Murray hints that playing Sunday is a possibility

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. rat2k8

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    Maybe he reads this forum. And is in a hurry to get back in this week with all this negative talk.
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  2. StarBoyz83

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    I dont agree I think he quit on this organization after he got paid!
  3. iceman117

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    to my knowledge he never played 7 games in a row in the 3 years we have had him.. I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence... and they are all leg injuries even from his days at OU. The guy is obviously very tough and a hard noised runner but for whatever reason his legs aren't up to par with the rest of his body, there was nothing in that play that indicated he should be injured beside that fact he has paper legs, not the best feature for a RB who gets almost all of the teams work. We seriously need to consider what we need to do at this position going forward because you can't count on a guy that is only going to play 10-12 games every year.

    Sean Lee and Bruce Carter are in this same boat..... but Lee is now locked up long term so I pray he stays healthy
  4. KJJ

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    I would prefer seeing a healthy Randle play and see if he can make the most of the opportunity.
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  5. KDM256

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    I hate to say it because I love Ratliff as a player leading up to his absence onthe field but ever since he got the big check he took the Shaun Alexander so I agree.
  6. KDM256

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    I agree with this as well, Hopefully Randle is hungry/motivated enough to put Murray on the bench for good.
  7. KJJ

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    The Cowboys invested a 5th round pick in Randle and this could be a big opportunity for him. Sometimes when you give a player an opportunity they make the most of it. We know what Murray can do and if he's not 100% he won't be very effective. I'm hoping Randle gets the start.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    Haha man we have some crazy fans. Murray is a top 5-10 RB when healthy. So far Randle has shown nothing, yet some of you are ready to get rid of Murray and ride Randle full time. Hilarious.
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  9. KJJ

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    I'm certainly not one of those who's ready to ride Randle not even close but I would like to see what he could do when given a good opportunity. He's only had 11 attempts this season. If you go back to Murray's rookie year in 2011 he had done virtually nothing until got his starting opportunity vs the Rams due to Felix Jones being injured. Murray isn't healthy so with him being gimpy this is an opportunity for Randle to step up.
  10. TTexasTT

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    Youre easily amused if you find that "hilarious"....
    It case you missed it, Murray is hurt. Its actually nice to be able to have some confidence in the rookie.

    Pls, bless everyone else with your great football knowledge and tell us why Murray is a Top 5 RB when healthy. Genius.
  11. TrailBlazer

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    Randle may flash (and im rooting for him), but for the most part I think we're gonna miss Murray big time. I envision randle getting ran smack over trying to pass block.
  12. TrailBlazer

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    How much confidence do you have in randle if he is asked to pass block? This is the most important aspect to me. I know he can run and catch, but I think we're gonna miss Murray if he can't go because of his pass blocking.
  13. cowboysooner

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    He is a 3 down back that is a plus pass blocker, smart guy, good hands and has a 4.8 ypc average mostly behind what fans on here have called a poor offensive line. He also does not get that average inflated by not being the short yardage back or playing with a zone read/option threat at quarterback.
    (See Chris Johnson with VY and no VY.)
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  14. cowboys2233

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    It's the same mystical power that has given you "confidence" in a rookie RB that has gained all of 17 yards on 11 carries. Um, where exactly is that confidence coming from?

    Oh, and the reason why it's easy for him to say that Murray is a top 5-10 RB when healthy is because he has eyes and has watched him run. I too have eyes and agree, Murray is awesome. I have also seen Randle run. He is less awesome.
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  15. birdwells1

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    I agree but maybe that's why Murray's trying to get back.
  16. BraveHeartFan

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    I doubt very seriously he plays. In fact if they think it's even close to situation where Murray might want to try and play when he should just rest I'm sure the team will simply leave him in Dallas.
  17. KJJ

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    Of course Murray knows his opportunity came with an injury to Felix. He also knows that some Cowboy fans have soured on him the past couple of years due to him not being able to stay healthy.
  18. Reverend Conehead

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    I would be surprised to see Murray out there given the nature of his injury. On the other hand, no one here is the team doctor or has even been in the locker room with Murry during his physicals. It's possible he'll be well enough to play. We just don't know. I'm encouraged by his desire to get back.

    I do want to see a running game because I don't want the team to have to be pass happy on the road against the Eagles. Whether Randle steps up, Murray comes back, Tanner carries the load, or Dunbar makes a showing (or a combo of all that), it's important to be able to run the ball to take pressure off Tony, to set up play action, etc.
  19. Bleu Star

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  20. rynochop

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    Yep, another case of 'love the rookie/backup' syndrome. I know this may be crazy talk, but its possible Murray feels healthy enough to help his team in a divisional game with sole possession of first place on the line. If he cant go, he cant go, otherwise start him and if he's ineffective bring in Randle. We'll probably be throwing it a lot anyway.
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