DMN Observation Deck: Rattling their chains (Notes)

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    02:15 AM CDT on Thursday, August 3, 2006

    [SIZE=-1]By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]
    • Some people misinterpreted Bill Parcells' comments to the kids running the chains during practice the other day when they messed up the down marker. He's joking. On Wednesday he asked, "What community college do you go to? Do they have admission standards?"

    • Irving's Akin Ayodele is coming along in his adjustment to inside linebacker. He had a nice deflection of a Tony Romo pass, using the correct technique (arm closer to the quarterback) to bust up the throw.

    • Parcells likes versatile players. He has Marcus Coleman playing some safety, as is fellow corner Nate Jones. In a goal-line drill he had linebacker Ryan Fowler line up at fullback. Remember, last year Marcus Spears lined up at fullback during games as a lead blocker.

    • Tough morning for kickers not named Mike Vanderjagt, who was sick and missed practice. Shaun Suisham and Tyler Fredrickson combined to make one of eight tries, and six of the misses were to the right.

    Scott Shanle is not known as a big hitter, but during a team period he hit running back Marion Barber so hard that Barber's helmet flew off.

    • Tight end Sean Ryan is feisty. He knocked off Stephen Bowen's helmet on a block, prompting Jim Burt, who's working with the defensive line in camp to say, "That Ryan, he's got a mean streak."

    • These players returned kickoffs: WR Terrance Copper, RB Tyson Thompson, WR Skyler Green, WR Jamaica Rector , WR Patrick Crayton, S Abram Elam, WR Sam Hurd, CB Lenny Williams, RB Marion Barber, RB Demetris Summers.

    • Quarterback Drew Bledsoe shouted encouragement to rookie tight end Anthony Fasano after a clutch grab, and Parcells brought Fasano back in the huddle to take some congratulatory head slaps from Bledsoe, Terrell Owens and others.

    • Parcells said don't read much into it, but Marc Colombo was working with the first-team offense at right tackle. And this was the third straight day Andre Gurode anchored the line at center with the starters instead of Al Johnson.

    Tony Romo heard from Parcells after some poor throws and decisions in the morning workout. Parcells has placed Romo on notice because of his expectations for the quarterback.

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    thanks for postin
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    If Romo expects to keep that #2 job he better get things turned around. There is plenty of time for that to happen but anyone who thinks this job is somehow carved in stone is kidding themselfs
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    I'm trying to forget that fiasco. :mad:

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