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    Point-counterpoint: The last two games are a better reflection of what type of team the Cowboys have

    11:57 PM CST on Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    From Staff Reports


    Well, the Cowboys sure feel better when they look in the mirror these days than they have for the past two months. After the win over Detroit, several players mentioned they have finally shown signs of being the team they thought they were to open the season. Too little, too late. That's what most people will say. And it's hard to argue. These Cowboys won't make the playoffs. They won't be able to scrub the stain off this season no matter how many games they win the rest of the way. But here's what Todd overlooks. These two games reflect what this team is about every bit as much as the 1-7 start. You can't separate the two. We won't know how this team should be defined or viewed until the season is over.

    read more... http://www.**************/sharedcon...wboys/stories/112410dnspopcpoint.3ef9c34.html
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    hey Juke.... thanks for posting these links
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    I think it's stupid when, in an argument/debate, people say "if you take away the two long runs, their avg per carry would have been such and such". Well, the fact is, they had those two runs, and they are a part of the average. Take away all the points scored against us in the first eight games, and we'd be 10-0, too.

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