News: DMN: Race for No. 3 receiver: Kevin Ogletree and Cole Beasley shine

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Race for No. 3 receiver: Kevin Ogletree and Cole Beasley shine

    By David Moore/ Reporter
    12:50 am on August 19, 2012 | Permalink

    It remains to be seen if anyone on the roster right now will be the No. 3 receiver when the Cowboys open the regular season in New York. But two players certainly helped their cause against San Diego.

    Kevin Ogletree started for the second consecutive game and played well, catching four passes for 60 yards. His 35-reception down the middle on a pass thrown by Kyle Orton set up the team’s first touchdown.

    “I thought Kevin did a really nice job,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “He has the ability to play both as an inside receiver and as an outside receiver. I thought he did a good job compting for the ball and making plays....
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    Thanks man!:starspin
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    Both WR did a very good job last night, my hat is off to both. Just keep up the work and keep producing.

    I said before camp I don't hold grudges, any disappointment I have had in Ogletree can change all it takes is him going out and showing it on the field. Last night gives me hope that maybe the light has finally came on for him.
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    Poor Harris. He should get a mention too for his performance last night, but he doesn't.
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    True, Harris did some good things as well last night. He is one of those guys who needs to show it week in and week out.
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    I think most here just want Ogletree to either produce or go away and let someone else have a chance. Hopefully the young man decides he wants to be in the nfl; the talent is clearly their.
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    1st off you earn chances so anyone not getting the so called chance is not doing enough during the week to catch the coaches eye so that in my view in not on Ogletree.

    Like many I have been disappointed in his play, he had a great chance last season and could not take advantage of it, but that is last year and you can't go back and redo it, all you can do is go out and show it now. Ogletree need to continue to play like he did last night if he can then any past feeling I had of him will be gone.
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    ........but do you TRUST him when the lights come on and the bullets start to fly? Something deep down in me says......NO. I almost lean toward the younger guys like Beasley or Harris.....I can't explain it. Just seems like this guy has had his chances. thoughts?
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    Trust is earned if he can go out there and continue to play as he did and coaches see it week in and week out during practice then he will earn my full trust. I like both Beasley and Harris as well but it still comes down to earning it in the eyes of the coaches. I don't think Ogletree is anyone pet on the coaching staff because I don't think coaches are willing to put their job on the line for a 3rd WR.

    Having said that I expect Ogletree to go out next week and make plays that come his way if he does then that is just more trust he earns with me.
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    To me, last night showed me that the 3, 4, & 5 WR are (in order): Ogletree, Beasley, & Harris. Coale better show the REAL him to make them keep 6 WR.
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    Holmes may be slipping.
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    Beasley running off the field puking made me laugh. It looked to me as if he left it all on the field last night.

    Supper ...
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    Gross dude! :)
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    I think it will be between Coale and Holmes for that sixth spot, and I don't think Holmes makes it to the PS. Because of the injuries, I think Coale winds up on PS this season.
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    I think the top 4 are probably decided at this point: Dez, Miles, Otree and Beasley.

    The final one or two spots will be a battle between Holmes, Coale, Harris, Benford and Kemp.

    Right now I think the two we keep are Coale and Holmes and we try to put Harris on the PS again. What I think we should do is give Harris and Coale the two spots and put Holmes on waivers and try to get him on the PS. I just don't think Holmes is ready to play this year. He just doesn't get much separation yet and has questionable hands. That is not a good combination because many of his catches will be challenged due to lack of separation ala Keyshawn Johnson. The trouble is he can't catch away from his body which negates much of his size advantage and he has shown the bar can be jarred loose with a hit and this will lead to tip drill INTs in regular season play. If we put Holmes on the 53-man roster it would be to continue to develop him for next year.

    It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Coale being out combined with the re-emergence of Otree, the strong play of Harris and Beasley and disappointing play of Holmes has really clouded the WR situation. I do think many of these guys are NFL quality players unlike last year where we only had Miles and Dez on opening day. We acquired Robinson for the 3rd game of the season due to injury. I don't forsee us dipping into the vet pool right now based on the play the first two games.

    I think Jimmy Robinson is doing a great job. I can't wait to see what he can do if we bring him in some high ceiling talent instead of a bunch of late draft picks and UDFAs.
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    You mean someone like Dez?
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    Holmes, Benford and Radway were really unimpressive.... I'd like to see more consistency out of the receivers (especially Ogletree), he should be putting up those numbers every week. Beasley was the best receiver out there by far last night. He won a spot on the team last night, if not the #3/and or slot position. I also don't see how Coale makes this team at the point, maybe PS.
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    Beasley isn't better than Harris. Get outta here with that. Harris can also return punts/ kicks and play on kickoff coverage. This Beasley love affair is cute though.

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