News: DMN Rainer Chat Wrap: Here's a trend I think you'll see in Callahan's play-calling

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    Published: 05 June 2013 10:07 PM

    Updated: 05 June 2013 10:07 PM

    Rainer Sabin answered questions in a chat Wednesday. Here are some highlights

    TEXAN FOR LIFE! ... Do you see the C'boys calling more/less running plays this season?
    Rainer Sabin: Based on Bill Callahan's track record and background, I think you'll see a stronger commitment to the running game.

    Vancouver ... Was Callahan the right choice? I'm glad Garrett won't be calling plays this year. This should allow him to focus more time and energy into game management. But was Callahan the right choice to call the plays or should they have looked outside of the organization?
    Rainer Sabin: That's a good question but it's not one that can be easily answered. It will be interesting to see how Bill Callahan, who has a West Coast background, runs Jason Garrett's system, which is based on Don Coryell's offensive philosophy.

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    callahan has been around the system long enough to know the system very well. i don't think his knowledge of the system is an issue at all. but it's not gonna matter who is calling the plays and how many more times you run the ball if the oline plays like it did last year. committing to the run if a great idea until it leaves you in 3rd and lomg time after time
  3. Redball Express

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    5,342 Messages
    1,902 Likes Received going to throw the ball first and run off the pass. That's what he was successful with in Oakland and as time goes by..that's what is going to happen.

    That's why the other TE was throw out of 2-TE sets ALOT and add pass protection for Romo by having more quick checkdowns if needed.

    Running does not win championships.

    Throwing the ball well, quickly and accurately does.

    Glad to see the change.

    Next year we'll see Chucky come out of the broadcast booth and then the whole Tampa Bay staff will get it's chance to see if they can do it again.

    Garrett is a goner.

    :starspin RedBall ExPreSS:starspin
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    Both San Fran and Baltimore were ranked higher in rushing than they were in passing for the 2012 regular season.
  5. GimmeTheBall!

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    3 yards and a cloud of dust. I mean, why thow the ball????

    By gum, if he was good enuff for ol' Al Davis then he should be good enuff for us!
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    Yep and other teams in the post season finished the the top 11

    1st Redskins
    2nd Min
    3rd Seattle
    4th SF
    7th New England
    8th Houston
    11 Baltimore

    We continue this year after year and while I have never seen anyone say passing is not important those who think running plays no part in winning are kidding themselfs.

    More you can do on offense the harder it is to defend, teams can't just key on one aspect of your offense they are forced to deal with both.
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    When Callahan coached the Raiders to the Super Bowl, I recall them being fairly pass heavy offense.

    I don't expect a run heavy offense myself. Though am hoping for a bigger commitment to the run. Or at the very least, somehow making significant changes to make the run game much more effective. Romo will be better with a better running game.
  8. Doomsday101

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    Actually they lead the league in passing the year they went to the SB
  9. nalam

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    Championship teams run when they have to , especially for protecting lead , take time of the clock, or pick up the short yardge, etc...

    If We can't always run and pick up those hard short yardage , we can never be a championship team.
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    Those numbers are skewed a little IMO. The teams running the pistol/zone read, etc have running QB's. That makes a huge difference in the stats.
  11. xwalker

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    Agree; however, Baltimore was ranked 11th in rushing but only 15th in passing. If you take out the rushing yards by QBs, then Baltimore probably ranked even higher in rushing.
  12. Doomsday101

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    Does not change the fact that they get production running the ball. How you go about getting a running game is not the issue. If Safety have to cheat up if LB are biting then it helps open things up down field that is the point of a solid rushing attack.
  13. BAZ

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    This is being made into a bigger deal than it actually is becuase of the way JJ let things go down (as always), if BC is not sucessful by week three/four Garrett will pull the plug. His job will already be on the line by that point so Jerry can hardly bully him into not changing. It's not like Jason will have no say. I really like the offseason reshuffle.
  14. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I know the running game will be a bigger factor in the play calling...
  15. Sarge

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    If you have no running game whatsoever (and we don't) - then defenses do not have to worry about the run, thus making your passing game less effective.

    Does running win championships any longer? Perhaps not, but if you have no running game whatsoever, your not going to get there, most likely. There has to be at least some semblance of a threat at running the ball.

  16. Randy White

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    we will be seeing with BC:

    1. QBs are going to take longer time in the huddle to call plays because of their verbosity.
    2. Players are going to be thinking more, instead of reacting, on the field.
    3. Players are not going to end up liking him, or his philosophy, in the long run.
    4. We will be seeing similar, if not exactly, these sentiments on media reports immediately when, not if, he gets fired.
  17. jobberone

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    Ask the front seven and the DL coach and DC if stopping the run is important to them. Most of what you ask them to do is stop and contain the run and put pressure on the QB.

    If you stop the run then your pass coverage is easier esp when you add in the fact the DL is pinning their ears back and coming after the QB.

    You've got to run effectively and esp so when you need to. You'll score more points with the pass but you'll pass much better if you can run the ball.
  18. Avenging Hayseed

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    As Ive said forever.....Why on Earth would anyone in theyre right mind want to go into a fight with one hand tied behind theyre back ? Thats exactly what not having a running game is like.

    The run is kinda like the jab. You use it to control your opponent,...keep him at bay,...tap tap tap tap...

    The pass is like a big overhand right!

    And the playaction? Thats like the big uppercut that comes from out of the blue to knock the sucker out! Cant do any of that without a running game.

    Having said all that,...I dont want or expect us to be the 67 Packers. But I do want us to have the ability to run when we CHOOSE to and be proficient at it.
  19. Avenging Hayseed

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    We have to have the ability to play situational football.. To run late in games when we have the lead, burn clock. Detroit game 2 years ago ring a bell?

    If we can do these things then I firmly believe the sky is the limit for this CURRENT team. If not we will simply languish in mediocrity. Simple as that.
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    In 2012 six of the eight division winners finished in the top half of the league in rushing yds; 7 of 8 were in the top half for rushing atts.

    Wash - 1st (3rd in atts)
    San Fran - 4th (7th)
    NE - 7th (2nd)
    Hou - 8th (4th)
    Balt - 11th (12th)
    Den - 16th (9th)
    GB - 20th (16th)
    Atl - 29th (27th)

    Keeping opposing defenses off balance remains as important now as it has ever been.

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