News: DMN: RB Felix Jones finally breaks out and so does the Dallas ground game

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    RB Felix Jones finally breaks out and so does the Dallas ground game ByRainer Sabin / Reporter | Bio

    1:07 AM on Tue., Sep. 27, 2011
    ARLINGTON -- At halftime of the Cowboys' 18 16 victory over Washington, it looked as if Cowboys running back Felix Jones was on his way to authoring another disappointing performance. He had gained only 20 yards on seven carries as the Redskins sturdy, unyielding defense sealed gaps and plugged holes.

    After Jones had been bottled up in the first two weeks of the season --collecting only 69 yards on 26 attempts -- it seemed unlikely that he would enjoy one of the best games of his career by the time the final whistle sounded Monday

    But that's exactly what happened. Jones, who was still feeling the effects of a dislocated shoulder he suffered against San Francisco, rushed for 115 yards on 14 carries, surging forward on runs of 29 and 40 yards in the second half.

    "Against that defense I thought it was very impressive," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "He kept getting in there and there wasn't a lot of running room. They had it stacked with nine-man fronts, eight-man fronts up there, but boy he kept getting in there and he finally showed what he does and he'll make those big plays."
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    What a gritty, tough performance by Felix Jones... He didn't give up, that's for sure.
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    Not to mention he had another long run called back on a holding penalty.

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