Recap: DMN: Recapping the Cowboys' Busy First Day of Free Agency

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    So, to re-cap the opening of Free Agency and help you get caught up:

    * Miscellaneous
    - Cowboys cut Newman & Beuhler
    - Robinson visits Jacksonville
    - Bennett to visit Giants
    - Fiametta snub could back-fire on Cowboys

    * Dolphins trade "slugger" Brandon Marshall to the Bears for 2, 3rd round picks (2012 & 2013)...I guess the Bears wanted to get tougher and traded for a guy that likes to hit women?

    * Wide Receivers:
    - VJax to Bucs
    - Meachem to Chargers
    - Colston re-signs with NO for 5 years
    - Garcon & Morgan to Redskins
    - Moss to SF
    - Wayne re-signs with Indy

    * Defensive Backs
    - Finnegan for 5/$50m to Rams
    - Jennings re-signs with Bears
    - Rogers re-signs with 49ers
    - Thomas re-signs with Giants

    * Quarterbacks
    - Manning apparently visiting about half of the team (good for him)
    - Flynn drawing interest from Miami & Cleveland
    - Campbell signs with Bears

    * Others
    - Red Bryant re-signs with Seattle
    - Hillis to visit Chiefs
    - Titans interested in Myers
    - Hutchinson visits Titans
    - Winston drawing interest from KC

    * Visits to Dallas:
    - Tuesday: Carr & Orton
    - Connor, Davis to visit

    * Rumors
    - Nicks to Tampa
    - Mario to Buffalo (visited on Tuesday) or Chicago
    - Porter to Rams (perhaps not after Finnegan signing)
    - Grubbs to New Orleans???
    - Dolphins and Jags in on Laurent

    I may have missed one or two things.
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    Wow..Dallas was busy. (not)

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