News: DMN: Report: Cowboys among six NFL teams that attended A&M's final home game to watch Manziel

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    We were probably. There scouting Evans the WR. ;)
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    Nah, we're looking to take the Aggies 2nd string TE in the second round.
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    I would love to snag Johnny Manziel in the draft. But damn, I just don't see how that would be possible.
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    I thought BUF was high on Manuel and MIA high on Tannehill. And would CHI's vet players be happy going with a rookie QB after Cutler leaves? They're on the cusp of being perennial contenders with that D and they might perceive going with a rookie QB a step back.
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    Ya know, Tebow was a really good college QB too,,,, just sayin.
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    I would hope they are also scouting WR Evans. He will be a good one. If some team were to offer a 1st and a 3rd for Dez before the draft, I'd be tempted to take it and draft a WR. The 2014 draft is deep in WR IMO.

    Trade Dez and give me the extra picks (1st and 3rd) and I will gladly take both QB Manziel and LSU WR Landry or Beckham or Heath. Or without a Dez trade, just give me Manziel in the 1st and I'll gladly take my chances with Manziel throwing to Dez and Williams. I guarantee Manziel will not be afraid to throw it up there and give Dez a chance to make a play. No more of this two attempts in a game for Dez. And Manziel will give me that added dimension of scrambling.
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    Cutler's backup McCown is playing pretty well, almost as well as Cutler. Cutler will want upwards of $17M/year. I'd roll with McCown and Manziel if I were the Bears. Use the money elsewhere.
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    Yes sir, I'll take my cousin on the Cowboys all day everyday. The last time I spoke with his dad Odell Sr. he said that they would see how high OJ would be projected in the draft before they made a decision, plus the LSU coaching staff has been talking to OJ about staying his last year, telling him he would get as many balls he wanted thrown his way
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    Any other year I would say WR Beckham would be a lock for the first round. I still think he would likely go in the 1st. But, this draft class is good, real good, and deep through many positions, especially WR. Jarvis Landry looks to be the better WR to me but I would not mind at all if the Cowboys get Beckham. And you'd get free jerseys and stuff if he is a Cowboy:) and we'd get some inside information here from you.

    If I were advising Beckham, I would tell him to go pro. If he stays, he will get a lot of balls thrown his way but from an unknown QB.
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    Anything is in play. Dallas would be remiss to not scout Manziel.
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    Comparing Manziel to Tebow is just a ridiculous counter. Manziel is actually accurate and has pocket presence. Tim Tebow has a ridiculous fanbase and the power of god beside him.
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    He's also 5' tall and has a weak arm... lol

    Tebow has his short-comings that didn't hurt him in college, just like Johnny football, that's the obvious (to most people) comparison.
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    I think Manziel is too much of risk to trade up for. He would have to drop.
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    oh he will.
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    I don't get how comparing the two is ridiculous. Great college players with limited NFL upside. Manziel plays in a spread offense that makes his passing abilities look a lot better than they actually are. Plus, he has Evans making plays all over the field for him.

    He was just 16/41 against LSU...
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    That was his first actual bad game of the season. There's no way you can blame the Alabama or Auburn losses on Manziel - they were on the Aggie defense, which is absolutely terrible this year.

    And last year he won the Heisman. So I think he's more than shown he's got some upside.

    Are there any pro quarterbacks that haven't had one bad game this season?
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    Yep, it just shows that like the Cowboys,A&M has no chance if their qb has an off game

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