News: DMN: Rex: Cowboys have one of the best offenses in football; Romo is a 'great talent'

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    Rex Ryan calls it escapability. It's a football word used to describe a player's knack for escaping pressure. According to the New York Jets head coach, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo possesses this quality.

    Romo's vision and ability to elude defensive pressure are two skills that Ryan is preparing his team for heading into Sunday night's season opener with the Cowboys.

    "A lot of guys can only see half the field, he's got great vision," Ryan recently said on New York's 1050 WEPN-AM. "And he can make all the throws. He's certainly a great talent."

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/09/rex-ryan-cowboys-have-one-of-t.html
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    Just once I'd like to hear these HCs really trash opposing QBs in the week leading up to a game: "I don't think the guy can play in this league at all. He's too short to see over the his own center, not smart enough to read the sophisticated schemes I have in store for him, and even if he were, he just doesn't have the arm to make the hot throws. We're gonna humiliate him next week and his backup will be in by the 3rd qtr. That's the deal."

    "Next question."

    If any HC engaged in this sort of talk it would probably be Ryan and would sure liven things up a bit.
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    Well at least Rex is a straight shooter, anything else would be a flat out lie. Almost comes off as humble :laugh2:

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