News: DMN: Rick Gosselin: Cowboys' problem isn't Wade Phillips, it's Jerry Jones

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    Rick Gosselin

    Dallas Morning News Hall of Fame writer Rick Gosselin spoke with The Ticket radio about the NFL on Tuesday. Some highlights:

    On whether making a coaching change mid-season is a good idea: No, like only one team went on to win a championship when they made a coaching change mid-season. That was Oilers in '61 with Wally Lemm. But the problem isn't the head coach, the problem is the general manager... I think Jerry is the identity of the team, Wade is not. I think that the message is lost in the locker room, players know that Wade's not in charge. I think if Jerry wanted to do something to help the team this year he would take a step back and become invisible and make it Wade's team. Just let him play his hand out. If it's not good enough, make a change at the end of the year.

    On what the Cowboys problems are besides the large amount of penalties they get: I think that the run/pass thing is completely out of balance. I've been writing about that for the past couple of weeks now. You've got to commit to running the football. They've got three good runners, there's no reason you should be throwing the ball two out of every three downs. You look at Tennessee and it was flipped for them, they won the game. It was a close game, Tennessee ran the ball two thirds of the time and Dallas passed the ball two thirds of the time, and who wins? The team running the ball... When you run the ball you protect your quarterback, you protect your defense and you do what your offensive line is built to do. I think that's a big part of the problem, it's out of whack.

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    On whether offensive coordinators tend to prefer to call passing plays over running plays: Offensive gurus want to put the ball in the air. Fans want the ball in the air, everybody wants the ball in the air. But the teams that win don't put the ball in the air. There have been 26 300-yard passing games this season. The records of those quarterbacks is 7-19... If I'm calling plays, I want to run the ball. That stat alone gives me a better chance of winning if I put the ball on the ground.

    Telling stat.
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    The lack of respect from the players is just one of the ways that Jerry has had a negative impact on Wade's effectiveness. Just look at how the coaches Jerry found for Wade are doing. Our Secondary is getting torched, the Offensive line is average on a good day and the offense is putting up big numbers but it's mostly between the 20s. And I don't know for sure but would be willing to bet at least one of those coches doesn't take too much direction from Wade.
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    Spot on in my book...
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    The most fustrating part of this whole article is, the mere fact that everyone see's the same problems, the FANs have noticed it for years, the media continually beats the drums, ex-players ..etc they all say the same thing.

    Yet, Jerry Jones and his billion dollar ego, doesn't understand you cant mix TMZ with Football and expect to win championships. It will win ratings, and increase the teams market value...but again that dont win championships......

    Jerry Jones as a OWNER will go to the NFL Hall of Fame.. but his legacy will be based upon his business practices NOT for his skills as GM/Coaching

    I for one would rather have the old Texas Stadium and a Superbowl... rather than Jerry's World and this GLamour Boys.. style football that Jerry Jones breeds.
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    Yeah. But he's the owner. If you think things are bad now, wait till he's Ralph Wilson or Al Davis age. Ralph Wilson is 92 and still has his hand deep in the pie. He fired their OC a day before the season started last year on a whim. You know how good the Bills are. But he's the OWNER. Owners like these guys are Like a little kid with a toy train. MINE MINE MINE to do with as I please.

    On the other hand, Jerry is totally committed to the team. I don't question that. So there is hope. I mean he's not like that idiot that owns the Lions. What' his name... Ford. lol He played with his toy absent-mindedly coming in now and again with great big aweful ideas like hiring and totally comitting the future of the team to Matt Millen. I mean it could be worse right? Right? Anyone? Right??!?! <sniff>
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    Unfortunately it's Jerrah's sandbox. If you want to play in it, you have to follow his rules.
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    on the run/pass thing, that's spot on. On Mike and MIke this morning, they said there were 4 or 5 QB's averaging over 300 yards passing per week...their teams are a combined 7-15 or something like that (It was Rivers, P.Manning, Romo, ?).

    On the disrespect of players towards Wade because of Jerry...hogwash. The players love Wade...they defend him. They put the blame for losses and mistakes on one has said the first thing negative about Wade. That wasn't even true when Parcells was here.

    Now, you can argue that the players love Wade because he's not tough enough or anything you want, but you can't say the team is losing because Wade doesn't get enough respect due to Jerry Jones...that's bull. If Wade has any problems with the team, and I'm not sure he does, they are of his own making.

    The defense is stout...we all know we're undermanned at safety and inside linebacker. Maybe these young safeties will eventually take over. Still, the defense is good enough...they are not going to shut down every team they face, but they are good enough to win a championship with.

    Right now, the problem is offense. If the offense could limit its penalties and Romo went 3-4 games without an interception, everyone would be happy and no one would care that we're passing so much. But the fact is that the more you pass the ball, the more likely you are to eventually have holding calls, sacks, and interceptions that not only swap points sometimes and swap field position sometimes, but always swaps momentum.

    We're running some passes as runs...see the WR screens and hitches, but it seems we get an offensive interference penalty every game on someone because we're running that play multiple times per game.

    I used to groan when we'd have an incomplete pass on first down because it seemed we always ran the ball on second down...predictable. Now it seems whenever we run and gain less than 4 yards, you can bet the farm we're going to pass on the next down. We used to run the lead draw quite a bit on 3rd down...and yes, it was frustrating if they stuffed it and you had to punt, but now we that's a staple of our running game, but almost never on 3rd down...the pass rushers are teeing off on us on 3rd downs because they don't think we'll run the ball.

    Even if you end up punting 2-3 times a game because of it, you have to run on 3rd down from time to time to let the defense know you will.

    If we were avoiding the sacks, penalties, and costly interceptions, I'd be the first hypocrite loving all the passing going on, but we're not...right now, it's costing us, and we need to rein it in and be a little more conservative on offense. WE have a great punter and a good defense...we need to make other teams earn every point.

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