DMN: Roger Staubach: Cowboys are 'lucky' to have a 'championship' QB like Tony Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Less is more with Romo.

    The less he has to do, the better this team is.

    P.S. So lets not have him throw for 35+ a game. Which means, we have to be very efficient and execute in the 1st Quarters and eliminate these slow starts so we dont find ourselves playing catch up.

    Its when he feels he has to do a lot, I think he makes his most errors.

    And for the love of panda bears, PLEASE PICK UP THE MIDDLE BLITZ. Horrible, catastrophic things happen when someone rushes Tony up the middle.
  2. Doomsday101

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    You point to 1 game I agree Romo had a bad game, and have never said otherwise it is also fact we did not play a very good game overall.

    As for Luck I like him him and his team played very well what he had 23 TD passes and 23 turnover int/fum and they won 11 games

    Romo mean time puts up 28 TD and has 22 turnovers? imagin that Romo produces better but team wise colts do better go figure.
  3. Sportsbabe

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    :hammer: Got it.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    It's a maturation process and it's time for Tony to take the next step. I don't hate Tony Romo. I love the fact that he is a gamer. I love the fact that he never gives up. I love the fact that he is a guy who will play hurt, will not place blame on his team mates, will not feed the monster that is the media and, all the while, will be the kind of guy who isn't above lending a hand to a broken down couple.

    There is a lot to admire about Tony Romo but it is simply a matter of him having to go beyond what a good QB is in the NFL. If you want to be a Staubach or an Aikman then you have to be better. You have to transcend Stats. You have to become the undisputed leader of the team and you have to drive them to limits beyond what this team is willing to do on their own. For me, that's what will make Tony Romo in a class with Roger and Troy.

    Believe me, if/when he can do this, nobody will be happier for him then me.
  5. ufcrules1

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    Well there you have it.. due to stats Tony Romo is a better QB than Andrew Luck. Stats show everything and hide nothing. :rolleyes:

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    This is certainly true and I, for certain, will be among those. I have zero doubt in my mind about that 5Stars.
  7. ufcrules1

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    I agree with everything you just said. I love that Tony is a gamer, is tough, is super athletic, will play hurt, and is just an all around good person on and off the field. I would love to be friends with a guy like that, but yes, he needs to take that next step as a QB, he has needed to take that step for a few years now and it hasn't happened. I honestly have lost hope in him and can only hope that I am wrong. I too would be ridiculously happy if he were able to become a championship QB. Probably rich too.. because I would have some superbowl tickets to sell. lol
  8. 5Stars

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    This is the best post about Romo that you have ever made! :bow:

    I think you are starting to understand the dynamics of the term "team".

  9. 5Stars

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    It's to the point, at least for me, that Romo, his bad self, has divided a once proud Cowboy fan base. I wish the guy could go to another team where some can appreciate how good he really is.

    And, it's possible that if Romo were to go to a good rounded team, he might be a better QB, and if he goes to a worse team than the Cowboys, he would get even more criticized because he is a QB.

    There are only 32 QB's that start in this league, and although Romo did not win the SB last year or the years before, 31 of them have not either. Even the starting QB's today that have won a SB in the past, they did not last year.

    I actually wish Romo would have got traded this off season and the Cowboy could have saved his salary for other players. Then sign the next 1st round QB, like say, Ryan Leaf.


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    My point was.. QC was under center and we were making a run (now, I always felt like the other shoe was gonna drop, but I was ok with QC proving me wrong)

    Oh well
  11. 5Stars

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    If Quincy Carter would not have done what he did, Romo would have never seen the field.
  12. AmberBeer

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    Irvin drove the 90's teams to victory more than Aikman did and Staubach had a great defense and Tom Landry.
  13. Zordon

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    Says the guy who is on record saying that Romo is not the reason we lost the Washington game. Romo is that you?
  14. jobberone

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    Ok gentlepeople. :(
  15. Gameover

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    Bad teams aren't capable of making him play honest(make him beat you inside the pocket.Romo likes it when he can play sandlot football.), good teams are.
  16. popp1234

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    Yes, those are some mighty fine stats. :)
  17. Idgit

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    This isn't rocket surgery. Good teams are better than bad ones. You can get by with very good QB play and poor pass defense against a bad team, because you can still manage to pass more effectively than they do that way. When you play teams that pass effectively and stop the pass effectively, and you only do one of those things, you're going to get beat more often than not. It doesn't matter who your QB is. The correlation is well-established.

    Sure, there are going to be fans who look at a team that passes effectively and defends the pass poorly and conclude the answer is to pass even more effectively. These are the ones who want to draft OGs in the first 2 rounds of the draft and to sign them to 10M/AAV contracts in FA. Or they want Tony Romo to elevate his game some more. That's one way to go about it, assuming it's humanly possible.

    The other option is to just fix the pass defense. Generate a rush, add some players to the back end. You know, exactly what the team is trying to do. It's almost like they study these things and try to analyze the best way to improve.
  18. burmafrd

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    I don't know if you realize it but you generate a lot of laughs here; even though I kind of doubt you want to
  19. ufcrules1

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    To you it was just one random game, to me it was for the division and the playoffs. THAT my friend is when you need to shine as a QB. Romo played fine the 3 games previous to this one but then all the sudden he forgets how to play vs. Washington with EVERYTHING on the line, division, playoffs, and his reputation as a top QB in the league. Keep in mind this was against the 30th ranked passing defense in the league! 200 yards and 3 ints.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Don't agree with this. Aikman was the backbone of that team. As for Roger, he excuted Landry's plan. The Defense might have been better but the plan was better as well. The Offense didn't hurt the defense with field position or turnovers regularly. That's a great deal of why the defense was better.

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