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    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo sat down for an interview on Thursday to discuss the offense and any issues that the team may have. Here are some highlights:

    When you don’t have a great game, such as the San Diego preseason game, how do you deal with the criticism? Do you put the criticism aside, take the blame and just move on?
    Absolutely. I think we play this game to play at a high level and in some ways, you’re continuously always evaluating from the previous week. And there’s always the overall goal, and I’m talking from the individual basis, as far as what you need to get better and improve from the previous season. But there’s also that goal of improving from the last week: ‘What didn’t you do well? Why did they catch you off guard? Why did you make this mistake?’
    And you put that in your memory bank and they begin to be experiences and if you’re good enough, you don’t make them again. And that was part of it; part of it we just didn’t play well. We had one guy mess up here and then another guy missed this play. You know, I messed up here and it was just take your pick. It was just one of those situations and we can’t allow that to happen. That’s why we’re working hard this week to correct that.

    You and Roy Williams had communication issues in the past. Is there just something different about Roy that forces you to change your approach as opposed to Miles Austin or Patrick Crayton?
    Well, I wouldn’t say that it’s different. I just think that we’re always working and trying to get it to where everything becomes second nature and that’s just part of the process. That’s why you go through the off season and training camp and we’ve done a better job. We still have a ways to go and we’re still growing but that’s like with a lot of receivers. I’ve been here with Miles for his whole career, so I’ve been around him. So, we’ll see, as we’re going forward but it’s coming along.

    To listen to the interview, click here.

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