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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor
    11:35 am on September 20, 2012 | Permalink

    Before the start of training camp this summer in Oxnard, Calif., Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team would wait to see how Felix Jones performs this season before offering a contract extension.

    The Cowboys’ backup running back and primary kickoff returner becomes an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2012 campaign.

    “We certainly haven’t ruled out re-signing him, but we’ll see how the year takes us,” Stephen Jones said.

    Felix Jones has struggled through the first two games of the 2012 season. He hasn’t been able to make defenders miss in the open field and he doesn’t appear to have the same burst he showcased in previous seasons.

    Read more: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...ess-but-he-has-to-make-better-decisions.html/
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    Hes gone
  3. MagicMan

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    outta shape.....outta sync......outta town. :(
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    How long should the Cowboys give Felix Jones to start showing some reliably positive impact as a team weapon before cutting ties with him? That's the $64K question.

    I've been a believer in what Felix Jones might still have to offer up until the past two games. To put it mildly, I have finally become seriously discouraged re: the subject of continuing to hold out hope he can/will return to his best form. He seems to offer value... on paper... IF he would just play up to his strengths and perceived skill level. But when was the last time he did that consistently?

    I'm suffering from a feeling of disillusionment about the guy, but not of the knee-jerk variety. Hardly. I've hung in there as a Felix Jones supporter for a long, long time. Kept thinking he'd rebound. Keep waiting. He doesn't appear to even be close to returning to his former glory... glimpses he showed all of us when we saw him play early on... not that I can tell.

    Still, I'm for giving him a little more time. May make zero sense to some, but then I see a lot of posters who were among the all-too-ready to cut ties w/ Marty B group (myself included) for his less than stellar play while w/ the Cowboys, only to now be second guessing what his value MIGHT have been had he stayed... focusing on his early, positive impact for the Giants just 2 games in. What if? Don't want a repeat of that second guessing where FJ is concerned, I guess.

    Bennett hasn't had unmitigated success w/ the Giants, though. He's dropped plenty of passes (some catchable TD passes) from Eli, too. It's just that his overall play — being their one, key TE — has been highlighted with some successful TD pass catches, beyond anything/ everything he delivered while with Dallas.

    But back to Felix: IMO, play Felix Jones MORE in the next few games. See if he responds with some notable, positive plays... reminiscent of his past, best self. If he just can't... or worse, won't... time to move on.

    When is enough, enough? IDK for sure, but I'm for sticking with him through mid-season. If he doesn't get his act back together by the mid-point in the season: bench him; look to trade him if possible, or cut him. If he snaps back to some sort of positive, impactful version of himself, go from there. Stick with him and see how he finishes out the season. See if it's worth even considering re-signing him, but for backup RB pay only... at best.

    Some say Felix has proven to be an outright failure. I get that point of view. I do. At the very least, the man is an enigma. Capable, at moments where he's had his physical/mental/emotional **** together... I think it's fair to say... but he hasn't been THAT Felix for awhile now, sad to say.
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    we should never have picked felix
    ray rice was there for the taking and many of us wanted him but jerry/garrett brain trust knew better:rolleyes:

    2 first round picks wasted on jenkins and jones

    these sort of decisions result in 8-8 records
  6. kirkjrk

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    The FO is just trying to get Felix to show enough so they can trade him. No NFL coach would continue using anyone that continues to go backward. Of course ,this is being done at the teams win/lost record expense, showing the FO does not have the teams best interest in mind. Sad
  7. BHendri5

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    ok, once again they have given a Jones guy ability that he does not have, just like with Julius, Felix only have speed, the straight line kind. He has no make you miss in him.
  8. big dog cowboy

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    How were we supposed to know he would burn out so quickly?
  9. wittenacious

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    Comments now based on hindsight are not particularly "visionary," visionary.
  10. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Yeah five years is quickly. :rolleyes:
  11. BIGWAY

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    How can he show anything if he is not getting any carries? Give the man some carries please!
  12. visionary

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    these are not comments in hindsight

    many stated this at that time

    jenkins was already known to be "soft" and to not have the best work ethic

    felix was drafted to be a complementary back :bang2: :bang2:

    you dont draft complementary backs in round 1
  13. 28 Joker

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    How can a running back who has a real career 5.2 YPC and a real career 5.71 YPT (both marks highest among the 2008 first round draft class) demonstrate his skills, traits, talent/ability as a running back, when he has received 1 carry in two games?

    Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett, and Jerry Jones:

    Do the ethical, honorable, loyal thing and show some class. Trade Felix Jones to Detroit. Felix Jones has delivered the goods to the Cowboys when he has been given the opportunities to do so. Jones doesn't deserve to be treated like this, on and off the field. You have your new boy toy, Murray. Jason Garrett is hurting Felix's career by not running him. Jones needs carries, and the rhetoric is beyond old. The ball has been withheld from Jones every season, and I heard Garrett's high praise for Jones last year. Then, Felix came back and had 5, 0, and 6 carries before he ripped off back to back 100+ yard rushing games. Jones' 16-106 (6.6 YPC) / 22-137 (6.2 YPT) against the Giants (on Dec. 11th, 2011) was excellent. Jones did everything that he could to help get the Cowboys a win. This is how he is re-payed. The organization should be embarrassed.

    The organization is being selfish by using Jones as an insurance policy, and they are severely damaging Jones' career. Furthermore, Jones can't defend himself from all the extremely vicious, biased attacks from the DFW media/media and many fans, because he isn't getting the football in the running game. It's pretty pathetic when the team's own web-site helps lead the charge.

    Jason Garrett should remember the 2010 season and the performance Jones had, especially during the last 8 games (when Felix's touches and numbers were excellent, while running behind a significantly deteriorated offensive line). Jones was a big reason why Garrett was able to secure the Cowboys job, and that should mean something. However, Garrett sure has a fine way of showing his gratitude. Where is the loyalty or respect? If Garrett had any, he would trade Jones to the Lions; so Felix could have the opportunity to start and make a bigger contribution. Hudson Houck called Felix a "good, solid starter". Houck stated that Dallas had "two starters". Houck knows what a good running back looks like, because he's built lines for some of the best.

    So, show some class and find another glorified kick-off returner and trade Felix to Detroit, so his talent will not be wasted in Dallas this year. Can't Tanner get the bare-boned scraps from the almighty one (DeMarco Murray)?

    Last year, Jones hung a 22-108 / 25-131 game on Tampa Bay. It was the best game by a single running back at Raymond James Stadium last season. Jones will be extremely lucky to get 5 rushes in this game, so he can't respond to the vicious, biased smear campaign against him until he gets the football enough. Jones' 11th carry went for 38 in that game. Jones' 13th carry went for 40 against Washington (14-115, 8.2 YPC / 17-155, 9.1 YPT).

    The words are empty at this point. Your actions say everything. Jones is averaging 0.5 rushes per game. That is simply unacceptable.


    Get it done and show some class and loyalty!
  14. MoClaiborne24

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    I don't understand why we drafted him when the guy he was playing behind was still on the board.
  15. kirkjrk

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    The only thing he needs to carry is his suitcase when he leaves town. Sooner the better.
  16. 28 Joker

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    Did this game ever happen?

    Rams (Preseason)

    Felix Jones:

    6-34 (5.7 YPC) LG 12

    2-23 (11.5 YPR) LG 14

    DeMarco Murray:

    5-26 (5.2 YPC) LG 16

    2-16 (8.0 YPR) LG 10

    Did this game ever happen?

    I guess the DFW media and many fans have amnesia.

    Felix has received 1 carry in two football games.

    Murray has received 32 carries in two games.

    I think Felix has both hands tied behind his back now.

    Felix isn't going to stay and be the almighty one's caddy.

    Trade Felix to Detroit! The Lions are working out running backs now, and they will probably be calling again.
  17. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Yeah that's smart lets take away carries from one of the best backs in the league in DeMarco Murray. :rolleyes:
  18. RastaRocket

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    It is for a first round pick. Honestly, I wouldn't even count that as a real five years based on his work load.
  19. 28 Joker

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    Seattle goes out and shuts Murray down, but Felix gets the headlines and most of the ire from Dallas' delusional fans. Typical. The drive to get rid on Jones started way before the season started. I don't think some fans or some in the DFW media want any legit competition for their new boy toy, Murray. What is everyone afraid of? Why is there a big need to viciously smear Jones?

    Seattle scored 3 points on Jones' fumble. However, Dallas' almighty receivers (Witten, Bryant, and Austin) go out and play terrible or don't produce nearly enough. The QB makes some poor choices, too. The defensive front looks pathetic, too.

    That's o.k. Blame the kickoff returner and a player who had 1 blasted carry.

    Detroit Rock City!
  20. Future

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    Erm...McFadden went 4th overall.

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