News: DMN: Sabin: Cowboy players value Dez Bryant as a teammate despite distractions

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    Published: 18 July 2012 06:59 PM


    Cowboys beat writer Rainer Sabin answered reader questions during a live chat Wednesday. Here are some highlights:

    Do you sense players are tired of dealing with and being asked about Dez Bryant? Would you say he has a good relationship with the team or one that has great divisions?
    Rainer Sabin: The players, from what I have seen, have generally been supportive of Bryant. And they have always praised him for being a hard worker on the practice field. I imagine they can't be too pleased by the distractions and negative attention his off-the-field incidents generate. But I think they value him as a member of the team.

    Given the acquisition of the new OL guys, what do you expect to see from Garrett's offensive schemes this year?
    Rainer Sabin: I don't think things will change that dramatically. Offensive line coach Bill Callahan has introduced some new techniques and protection schemes. But I don't think they will have a major impact on how Garrett calls the game. I do think, however, that if the Cowboys can build a sturdier running game Garrett will lean on it more than he has in the past.

    More: http://www.**************/sports/da...bryant-as-a-teammate-despite-distractions.ece
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    I doubt any of the players would publicly say something negative about Bryant.
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    But they're far more likely to defend him than a guy like Pacman because Dez just seems so naive. He seems like a good kid, just misguided, and I would think the team knows that.

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