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    Saturday's camp roundup

    11:17 PM CDT on Saturday, July 31, 2004

    From Staff Reports


    One of the knocks on Quincy Carter has been his accuracy – or the lack thereof. During team drills, he was accurate, but most of his passes were check-downs to running backs and tight ends.

    Vinny Testaverde was just as accurate but took more chances down the field, completing deep crosses to Dedric Ward and James Newson. In the morning, his lone foray down the field for Randal Williams was nearly intercepted by safety Keith Davis.

    Coach Bill Parcells said he will rotate the four quarterbacks – Carter, Testaverde, Tony Romo and Drew Henson – each day. Henson did not take any team snaps Saturday, working in individual drills only.


    On training camp in Oxnard

    "Personally, yeah, I'd have to say I like it better here. ... First of all, we're outdoors. I like that. I mean, I'm not a mole. I like to be outside."

    - Bill Parcells


    DE Marcellus Wiley

    The Cowboys signed Marcellus Wiley to upgrade the pass rush, and he certainly did that Saturday. During the inside run drill in the morning, Wiley blew up Eddie George at the line of scrimmage, and later in the goal line drill, he teamed to stop George short. He turned around tackle Torrin Tucker a few times on the pass rush, once that would have resulted in a sack of Quincy Carter.


    Steve Cargile

    Free-agent rookie safety, 6-1, 205, economist with an Ivy League degree

    What does it mean to have a degree from Columbia?

    Means I have a pretty good backup plan.

    Are you and fellow Columbia alum Marcellus Wiley pretty tight?

    He's promised to take good care of me.

    What's a good season for Columbia?

    We were pretty proud of 4-6 my senior season.

    On what do you blame the U.S. economy's sharp downturn in the second quarter?

    I've heard it has something to do with presidential elections, and I think we're spending less money.

    What publications do you read on a daily basis?

    I read The New York Times and USA Today almost every day. I used to read The Wall Street Journal in school.

    Would you like to subscribe to our paper?

    [Uncomfortable laughter]

    If I had a little money socked away [and I don't], where would you suggest me investing it?

    It would have to be real estate. I've already thought about trying to buy property around our new stadium. I've looked around Fair Park.

    Do you know something I don't know?

    No, I'm just trying to be prepared in case something happens to the Arlington deal.

    Would you take a peek at my 401K plan when we get back to Dallas?


    Matt Mosley


    Do you see the coaching staff doing anything different with Julius Jones or Eddie George during training camp to minimize the possibilities of injury?

    Neil Schmiedeberg

    Not really. That's just not coach Bill Parcells' philosophy. Parcells said he's going to throw Jones to the wolves and see how he responds. The first time Curtis Martin played in a preseason game, Parcells gave him the ball eight straight times to see how he responded. Now, he'll play it more conservatively with George because he wants to make sure he doesn't wear down. Besides, he knows that Eddie understands how to get ready for the season.

    Jean-Jacques Taylor


    John McClain, Houston Chronicle

    "The Cowboys will go 11-5 and make the playoffs. If the Cowboys hadn't signed Eddie George, then Julius Jones would be rookie of the year."


    Dan Campbell: Tight end went down in the morning workout with an apparent right knee injury, but he returned shortly thereafter.
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    I hate reading this. I was on the bandwagon of not signing EG, sure he'll bring leadership but by doing that I hope it doesn't give him more carries.

    JJ needs this season to see what he can develop into. If he don't see enough of him due to EG then I'll be pissed. Then we'll need another season and miss out on Cadallic or Benson.
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    I basically didn't care about signing George, but I hoped Parcells liked his youngsters enough to not have to do it.

    Bick popped an achilles and that likely changed things, he was the projected bruiser of the bunch.

    But I don't see George getting in the way of finding out about Jones.

    Parcells likes Julius and he will give him every chance to show what he can do.

    The only player who can hold Jones back is the face in the mirror.
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    Thanks for the post Bluefin.

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