News: DMN: Sherrington: No kidding: Cowboys defense looks Super-Bowl worthy

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I want to hear Mr. Macmahon spin this! It should be fun and I wouldn't get the anointing oil out for Garrett just yet Tim. What have we heard this week? Superbowls, nicknames for lineman, Garrett extension at the end of the year and it all feels different. Well, like I said before, lets see a little more. Today we saw and it wasn't anything we have not seen before. One up, One down. This team hits the road and folds like a cheap suit in a soup kitchen.
  3. dallasdave

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    Have to agree, the second half was really bad, not much else to say.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    When they don't we know what they are capable of.
  5. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Yikes! defense has outpaced last year in yards given up, almost 500 more than last year at this point! U - G - L - Y
  6. Eddie

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    Articles like this one makes me laugh all the time.

    One game against the lowly Rams, and our D is proclaimed Super Bowl worthy.

    What a joke ... the article and the team.
  7. nalam

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    He jinxed it, you stupid Sherrington !

  8. dallasdave

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    Right now the Cowboys defense is only nfc east worthy.
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  9. Hook'em#11

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    So glad Rob Ryan was the scape...errrr problem last season...:rolleyes:
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  10. dallasdave

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    Well their is a tale of 2 halves and defense did not look all that bad in the 1st half when the Cowboys were up 21to 10. The same cannot be said about the 2nd half.
  11. maxdallasfan

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    Another example of the "experts" having no idea what they're writing.
  12. dallasdave

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    Hey if defense held the Chargers to the same amount of points they did in the first half , Dallas wins 21 to 20.
  13. ravidubey

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    The Rams tend to make the opposition look Superbowl worthy.

    This defense may be well-coached, but it is old, thin, and fragile. We need some miracles from young draftees like Holloman, Wilcox, Wilber, and maybe Webb because Anthony Spencer, Bruce Carter, and Mo Claiborne have become mental and physical wimps. Hayden, Church, and Selvie are supposed to be role-players, and Dallas is demanding a starting contribution from each. They've risen to the call, but I think 16 games will be too much for them, and there's no depth behind them.
  14. Fredd

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    If anyone thought that this new scheme was going to immediately make this defense a top 5 unit, then your expectations were too high...but, I still think by mid-season, they could be very good if they stick to the plan and get everyone realizing what their roles are...the turnovers in the giants game were an anomaly but the D really hasn't impressed yet (other than against hapless STL)...I will be happy with improvement going forward...we need to forget the 2nd half against SD where the D disappeared...we need a solid performance this week to stay in the game...
  15. dallasdave

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    Well Sunday is the biggest test of all, if they can stop Peyton and beat the Broncos then the Cowboys have a real DEFENSE.
  16. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Even our athletic lbs covering a rb is a mismatch. This is ALWAYS a mismatch in the nfl. Rivers kept checking out of plays when he knew we were running man and checked to a play where Woodhead would be isolated one on one. 3 scores were one on one mismatch that were designed during that practice week. They hit every time. Great game plan and execution. Manning took notice and I'm afraid Kiffen will not adjust instead he expects Sims to be able to do it.
  17. dallasdave

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    We need more DB's out there on passing downs.

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